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Operating systems authenticate users when they first log in, and maybe again when they access specific resources. The operating system controls the creation of a session in response to the request by a subject, typically a user. The authenticated user, represented by processes running on its behalf, is then allowed to access resources according to their rights. Sensitive resource access may require additional process authentication. Processes in distributed operating systems also need to be authenticated when they attempt to access resources on external nodes.
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A malicious attacker could try to impersonate a legitimate user to gain access to her resources. This could be particularly serious if the impersonated user has a high level of privilege. How can we prevent impostors from accessing our system The solution to this problem must resolve the following forces:
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There is a variety of users that may require different ways to authenticate them. We need to be able to handle all this variety, or we risk security exposures. We need to authenticate users in a reliable way. This means a robust protocol and a way to protect the results of authentication. Otherwise, users may skip authentication or illegally modify its results, exposing the system to security violations. There are trade-offs between security and cost more secure systems are usually more expensive. If authentication needs to be performed frequently, performance may become an issue.
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Operating System Access Control
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Use a SINGLE ACCESS POINT (279) to receive the interactions of a subject with the system, and apply a protocol to verify the identity of the subject. The protocol used may imply that the user inputs some known values, or may be more elaborate.
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The figure below shows the class diagram for this pattern. A Subject, typically a user, requests access to system resources. The Authenticator receives this request and applies a protocol using some Authentication Information. If the authentication is successful, the Authenticator creates a Proof of Identity, which can be explicit, for example a token, or implicit.
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Subject id * Requests Checks 1 1
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Authentication 1 information
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Authenticator 1
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Proof of identity
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The figure on page 326 shows the dynamics of the authentication process. A user requests access to the AUTHENTICATOR (323). The AUTHENTICATOR (323) applies some authentication protocol, verifies the information presented by the user, and as a result a proof of identity is created. The user is returned a handle for the proof of identity. Web Pages ean / ucc - 13 drawer for .net
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Authenticator 325
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Certificate User id * Requests 1 1 Verifies Public_Key 1 *
CA_Certificate Issuer
Authenticator 1
Creates Proof_of _Identity (Token)
Variant of AUTHENTICATOR: PKI authentication
Assuming a centralized system, we need to carry out the following tasks to implement the pattern:
Define authentication requirements, considering the number of users, degree of security required, and so on see I&A REQUIREMENTS (192) Select an authentication approach Build the list of registered users the authentication information.
Example Resolved
We adopted the use of passwords for authenticating our users. While not a perfect solution, we can keep out most of the impostors.
Single Sign-On (SSO) is a process whereby a subject verifies its identity, after which the results of this verification can be used across several domains and for a given amount of time. The result of the authentication is an authentication token used to qualify all future accesses by the user.
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Operating System Access Control
actor :User
:Authentication Information
request authentication_Protocol
:Proof of identity
Authentication dynamics
PKI Authenticator. Public key cryptography is a common way to verify identity. This authentication can be described with a slight modification of the pattern in the first figure, as shown in the second figure above. An Authenticator class performs the authentication using a certificate that contains a public key from a certificating authority that is used to sign the certificate. The result of the authentication could be an authentication token used to qualify all future accesses by this user. In this case this is also a variant of SSO.