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CHECK POINT (287) and SECURITY SESSION (297) can be used to implement FULL ACCESS WITH ERRORS (305).
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System Access Control Architecture
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9.6 Limited Access
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Designing the user interface for a system in which different users are granted different access rights can be challenging. This pattern guides a developer in presenting only the currently-available functions to a user, while hiding everything for which they lack permission.
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Limited View, Blinders, Child Proofing, Invisible Road Blocks, Hiding the cookie jars, Early Authorization
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Extending the Web site example from FULL ACCESS WITH ERRORS (305): registered users are able to upload files to your Web site. After uploading they also need a means of deleting or changing the uploaded files. However, an individual user should only be able to change their own files. Only a user with administrative rights should be allowed to maintain files by all users. Yahoo! groups provides a similar means of uploading files to groups for its group members. However, only the uploading member is able to delete or edit the file. The group owner can delete files uploaded by all users. If no permission is given, one can see the File menu, corresponding to FULL ACCESS WITH ERRORS (305), but the file folder itself cannot be extended by adding files.
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Files owned by others cannot be changed
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Limited Access 313
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You are designing the user interface of a system in which access restrictions such as user authorization apply to parts of the interface. While most of the applications of this pattern are within the domain of graphical user interfaces (GUIs), it can also apply to other interface types as well.
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Presenting all potentially-available functionality to users not privileged to use it can represent a security problem. You might want users that don t have access to a functionality to not even be aware that it exists. A system utilized by people with varying skills and access rights can be very hard to use if every possible option is presented to every user, as is proposed by FULL ACCESS WITH ERRORS (305). It is much more user friendly if a user can only see or select the options actually available. How can you present a system s functionality and ensure that users can only access those parts or data of a system to which they are entitled The solution to this problem must resolve the following forces:
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Users should not be able to see or activate operations they cannot perform. Users should not view data for which they have no permissions. Users do not like being told what they cannot do and become annoyed by access violation messages. Input validation can be easier when you limit users to see and operate only what they can access. If options pop in and out dynamically because of changes to access rights or roles, users can become confused and the GUI s usability decreases.
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Only let users see what they have access to. In a GUI, show them only the selections and menus that their current access privileges permit. For example, if a user is not allowed to edit some data, do not present an edit button and use a read-only field to show that data. When a user starts the system an I&A mechanism authenticates them and associates a SECURITY SESSION (297), typically within a CHECK POINT (287) architecture. The SECURITY SESSION (297) object caches the current privileges of the user that can then be used by the GUI implementation to decide what functions and data are permissible and may be presented to the user, independently of the function s implementation. In contrast to checking the access rights of a user after a request is issued, as would be done
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