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To implement SECURITY SESSION (297) several tasks are required: 1. Create a session object to hold all (security) variables associated with the user that may be needed by other components. Typical information kept in the session object are the user s identification, their access rights, the user s role (see ROLE-BASED ACCESS CONTROL (249)), and other system- or applicationspecific data, such as a shopping cart s content. In addition, you should add a time-stamp when the user logged in successfully, and a time-stamp of the user s last activity. For a flexible solution you might use a data container like PROPERTY LIST [FoYo98] or an ANYTHING [SoRu98] to keep track of varying data without changing code. Web applications might opt to keep the session
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User log-in
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Check Point
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new session Session SessionId SessionId do_something
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SessionId get user info Session
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SessionId log-off
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SessionId release
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data in a cookie in encrypted form. Even when just storing the session identifier in a cookie or URL to keep track of users, such Web applications must ensure those identifiers are not easily guessable, to limit the risk of session hijacking. 2. Introduce a MANAGER and unique session identifiers to keep track of active session objects. If a user is only allowed to log in once, you might use a user s identification as the session identifier otherwise a synthesized identifier is sufficient. A publicly-accessible session identifier must be protected against fraud, which in many cases disallows the user s identifier from use directly as their session identifier. Apply MANAGER [Som98] or RESOURCE LIFECYCLE MANAGER [POSA3] as a reference for implementing the MANAGER. The MANAGER provides an interface for other system components to access a session object corresponding to its identifier. 3. Define session time-out semantics. Lingering unused session objects carry risk, not only for security reasons, but also for memory management. The MANAGER should periodically check for inactive sessions and release them. If this inactivity time out is short, it effectively prohibits misuse of a session by an unidentified user. On the other hand, if it is shorter than the typical transaction time of a user, such a session time-out gets annoying. 4. Define re-authentication time-out semantics. In security-sensitive environments, the MANAGER should also enforce re-authentication at the CHECK
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System Access Control Architecture
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POINT (287) for long-lived active sessions to protect a user s session from misuse and the user from forgetting his password. Appropriate values for such time-outs depend heavily on the given domain and use profile. For example, Yahoo! uses cookies that live for about five years to identify a user. However, from time to time, and whenever accessing sensitive data, a user needs to reauthenticate. In a system in which access rights management is separate, this re-authentication also provides a means of updating a user s access rights that are cached in the session object. 5. Allow a user to log on and log off at the check point. Even though it seems trivial, you shouldn t forget to provide the mechanism that allows a user to establish the security session and to allow them to cancel a session of their own will. This actively allows the user to care about security, which can be an important security measure. During log-in the MANAGER creates and initializes the session object with the user s access rights and other relevant data.
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Our medieval city council comes up with the concept of a day pass. This day pass is issued by the gate guards to every foreign visitor entering the city, and needs to be returned when leaving the city. To distinguish the more desirable guests from lessliked ones, the passes are color coded: peasants looking for work get a green pass, the private visitors of city inhabitants a white one, while merchants receive a bronze pass that they can keep for later visits. A visitor is obliged to show his pass to everybody asking for it. Since the city is small enough for all citizens to know each other, the city does not need to issue passports for its inhabitants.
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