System Access Control Architecture in .NET

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System Access Control Architecture
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Table 9.2 Museum requirements for access control service
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GENERIC REQUIREMENT Deny unauthorized access MUSEUM REQUIREMENT AND PRIORITY High priority the museum requires access control to provide a certainty of at least 0.9999 for denying unauthorized access to highvalue gems, meaning that the service shall allow no more than one successful access out of 10,000 unauthorized attempts. The museum requires that access control provide a certainty of at least 0.999 for denying access to the associated gems information. Moderate priority the museum regards user convenience as a lower priority than protecting the assets under its care. The museum requires access control to provide a certainty of at least 0.98 for permitting authorized access to gems or gem information, meaning that the service shall deny no more than one access out of 50 authorized requests for access. High priority for gems the museum places high priority on avoiding inadvertent access to all gems. If Theo the thief is successful at circumventing access control to get his hands on one gem, that success must not give him access to all the other gems. Moderate priority for gem information the priority of this requirement for gem information is balanced by the need for access by gem researchers, with the assumption that the user base of researchers will not be overly knowledgeable with regard to the information system. Limit the blockage when authorized access is denied Low priority the museum gives higher priority to asset protection than to user access. They would prefer to occasionally have to address a locked out user rather than lose an asset, or sensitive information about that asset. Moderate priority the museum will try to attain a middle ground with this requirement. They want effective access controls, but they don t want to impact other functional services, create bottlenecks, or create denial of service scenarios. High priority the museum has defined a closed system access control policy that focuses on the gems they protect and associated information. Samuel does not see that scenario changing over the long term. Moderate priority the museum requires the access controls to change when they need to operate in emergency lock-down mode, as opposed to normal operating conditions, but the policy is not expected to change significantly.
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Permit authorized access
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Limit the damage when unauthorized access is permitted
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Minimize burden of access control
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Support desired authorization policies
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Make access control service flexible
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Access Control Requirements 277
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[ISO15408] is an international standard that defines evaluation criteria for information technology security. It includes a class or family of criteria that address the requirements for functions to define authorization or access control policy, and explicitly authorize or deny access of a subject to perform an operation on an object in conformance with that policy. [Vim03] identifies general desiderata or requirements for access control, and how they are expressed in policies. It discusses how the requirements are addressed in several current operating systems, database management systems, and network solutions.
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The following benefits may be expected from applying this pattern:
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It facilitates conscious selection of access control requirements, so that decisions about selecting access control mechanisms have a clear basis, rather than occurring in a vacuum. It promotes explicit analysis of trade-offs that encourages balancing and prioritizing of conflicting requirements. It helps avoid stronger than necessary access control that makes it difficult for valid users, and at the same time it helps avoid weaker than necessary access control that makes it easy for unauthorized actors to defeat. It results in documentation of access control requirements that communicates to all interested parties and also provides information for security audits. The pattern fosters a clear connection of requirements to authorization policies: this also encourages organizations to make their policies more explicit.
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The following potential liabilities may arise from applying this pattern:
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An investment of resources is required to apply the pattern, including time to analyze domains and access control needs. In some cases the cost of applying the pattern may exceed its benefits. It poses a danger of over-engineering and complexity creep, if stakeholders are offered too many options. You can mitigate this by using the requirements as guidelines only for analysis, or by selecting parts of the pattern that give the most benefit. The formal selection process may be too long and costly and produce too much overhead. You can mitigate this in the same way as noted above. Specific circumstances might not be covered by generic access control requirements. You can mitigate this by adding specific requirements and including them in the trade-offs.
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