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Permit authorized access
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System Access Control Architecture
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Table 9.1 Access control requirements factors (continued)
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GENERIC REQUIREMENT Limit the damage when unauthorized access is permitted
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FACTOR Can use multiple levels of protection by increasing the number of actions required to achieve complete access.
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IMPACT ON PRIORITY This requirement should have increased priority if failure to block unauthorized access is likely to cascade into additional failures of security services. This requirement needs to be balanced with the need for ease of use: users may become frustrated with any multiple control paths they must navigate to gain access.
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Limit the blockage when authorized access is denied
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Consider high priority for this if user accessibility is of high importance.
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This requirement should have increased priority if the controls are likely to cascade into excessive frustration and productivity loss of legitimate users due to erroneous denial of access. This requirement needs to be balanced with the need to deny unauthorized access.
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Minimize burden of access control
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System has tight constraints for performance and asset availability, as well as functionality of other services in the system
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This requirement should have increased priority if a high burden of using the access control service would cause excessive levels of user dissatisfaction with system, or would disrupt business functions. This requirement needs to be balanced with the need to deny unauthorized access
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Support desired authorization policies Make access control service flexible
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The access control service is useful only if it supports the designated policies. Some organizations or domains have a diverse set of authorization policies, or the policies or access context change often, or policies need to operate in two or more modes, such as normal, increased security, and emergency override.
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This requirement should always have high priority.
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This requirement should have increased priority if your organization or domain has the characteristics described in this factor. Flexibility is important to permit users needed access in emergency situations, or to increase system protection when specific threats increase significantly. This requirement needs to be balanced with the need for ease of use and simplicity of design.
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Access Control Requirements 275
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Example Resolved
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Samuel the museum s system engineer defines the domain for access control to include the gem assets themselves, as well as sensitive information about the gems. Although these may be regarded as two different domains for some purposes, Samuel decided to define a single requirements set for both. A clear starting point is a closed authorization policy, in which access to both the gems and information about the gems is forbidden unless explicitly allowed. Samuel, in consultation with Edward the museum architect, has also determined that the access control service will give greater importance to protection of the assets and sensitive asset information than to immediate satisfaction of user requests. The museum is inclined to disallow even valid requests if anything suspicious is detected in the activity. On the other hand, they will strive to make their unsophisticated user base less aware of the security controls by not presenting multiple rechecking at every step. The actual system policy approaches are known, and Samuel does not anticipate any need for expansion of the number or type of policies enforced. Samuel sees two potential modes of operation: normal conditions and an emergency lock-down. Table 9.2 shows the requirements Samuel specified for the stated domain.
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Known Uses
The general access control requirements and the process of specifying access control requirements described in this pattern are widely known, but are generally used informally, as opposed to being codified or published. The requirements as stated in this pattern represent a consolidation of MITRE Corporation experience in working with multiple customers over several decades. However, some publications on access control requirements exist. The examples that follow emphasize the value of defining access control requirements explicitly, and the separation of policy from mechanism while maintaining adherence of mechanism to policy, consistent with this pattern.
[LDAP00] is a discussion of access control requirements for LDAP. In addition to LDAP access control requirements, it discusses policy requirements, granularity, and nonfunctional requirements, especially usability. [Coe03] discusses access control requirements in the context of virtual organizations. The authors discuss authorization and access control-related languages and standards, and access control policy requirements. They stress the importance of defining security domains for access control, and interoperability and composition among domains and their associated policies and models. [Eve04] is a case study used to motivate access control requirements. It discusses granularity and some of the nonfunctional requirements identified in this pattern.