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The Pattern Approach Patterns at a Glance No Pattern is an Island Patterns Everywhere Humans are the Target Patterns Resolve Problems and Shape Environments Towards Pattern Languages Documenting Patterns A Brief Note on The History of Patterns The Pattern Community and its Culture Security Foundations Overview Security Taxonomy General Security Resources Security Patterns The History of Security Patterns Characteristics of Security Patterns Why Security Patterns Sources for Security Pattern Mining Patterns Scope and Enterprise Security The Scope of Patterns in the Book Organization Factors Resulting Organization
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Contents Mapping to the Taxonomy Organization in the Context of an Enterprise Framework 5 The Security Pattern Landscape Enterprise Security and Risk Management Patterns Identification & Authentication (I&A) Patterns Access Control Model Patterns System Access Control Architecture Patterns Operating System Access Control Patterns Accounting Patterns Firewall Architecture Patterns Secure Internet Applications Patterns Cryptographic Key Management Patterns Related Security Pattern Repositories Patterns Enterprise Security and Risk Management Security Needs Identification for Enterprise Assets Asset Valuation Threat Assessment Vulnerability Assessment Risk Determination Enterprise Security Approaches Enterprise Security Services Enterprise Partner Communication Identification and Authentication (I&A) I&A Requirements Automated I&A Design Alternatives Password Design and Use Biometrics Design Alternatives Access Control Models Authorization Role-Based Access Control Multilevel Security Reference Monitor Role Rights Definition System Access Control Architecture Access Control Requirements Single Access Point 53 53 59 59 62 67 69 71 73 77 78 80 83 85 89 103 113 125 137 148 161 173 187 192 207 217 229 243 245 249 253 256 259 265 267 279
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Contents Check Point Security Session Full Access with Errors Limited Access 10 Operating System Access Control Authenticator Controlled Process Creator Controlled Object Factory Controlled Object Monitor Controlled Virtual Address Space Execution Domain Controlled Execution Environment File Authorization 11 Accounting Security Accounting Requirements Audit Requirements Audit Trails and Logging Requirements Intrusion Detection Requirements Non-Repudiation Requirements 12 Firewall Architectures Packet Filter Firewall Proxy-Based Firewall Stateful Firewall 13 Secure Internet Applications Information Obscurity Secure Channels Known Partners Demilitarized Zone Protection Reverse Proxy Integration Reverse Proxy Front Door 14 Case Study: IP Telephony IP Telephony at a Glance The Fundamentals of IP Telephony Vulnerabilities of IP Telephony Components IP Telephony Use Cases 287 297 305 312 321 323 328 331 335 339 343 346 350 355 360 369 378 388 396 403 405 411 417 423 426 434 442 449 457 465 473 481 482 483 488 488
Contents Securing IP telephony with patterns Applying Individual Security Patterns Conclusion 493 497 500 503 504 525 531 535 555
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15 Supplementary Concepts Security Principles and Security Patterns Enhancing Security Patterns with Misuse Cases 16 Closing Remarks References Index
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Security has become an important topic for many software systems. With the growing success of the Internet, computer and software systems have become more and more networked. Researchers are already developing scenarios in which millions of devices are connected and cooperatively running web-based commerce, government, health, and other types of security-sensitive systems. Much of the research effort in these scenarios is devoted to security aspects. What could happen if, in a pervasive health scenario, cardiology data collected by wireless sensors attached to your body and pre-processed by software on your PDA is intercepted and manipulated by an unauthorized person during its transmission to your doctor Or think of a scenario in which the software in your car is updated remotely because an attacker has compromised the manufacturer s servers. What if your car, which has just been updated, no longer brakes, but instead activates its drive-by-wire accelerator What if, in the near future, the control tower that just took over handling of the aircraft in which you are a passenger discovers that the plane no longer does what the pilots or the tower want, but, instead, what some hijackers want it to do Perhaps worst of all, think about potential for disaster should someone maliciously take over control of a nuclear power plant You simply do not want these things to happen! In other words, you require the system to ensure a proper level of confidentiality and integrity before you trust and use it. Although the importance of security is widely acknowledged, only a few projects address it with the appropriate priority. Security is still an afterthought in many projects. Check the latest security articles in your favorite IT magazine, and you will find reports of successful intrusions into, or denial of service attacks against, all sorts of enterprise-level systems which, ironically enough, are often not performed by experts, but by high-school kids or students via very simple measures like scripts. So why is there this discrepancy between the acknowledgement of security and its prioritization in software development Certainly not because security is still an xi
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Foreword unexplored field in software. Moreover, security requirements are often expressed vaguely or not at all, and software architectures often expose limited securityrelated decisions. To survive in today s networked and open computing world, it is crucial to go beyond the realms of authentication. Project managers, software architects, developers, testers, and other stakeholders of a software system need to ensure that security is an integral part of all software projects. This is where the book you are holding steps in. Unlike other books on the market that tend to cover the latest research ideas and new security technologies, this new book covers real-world knowledge and experience from international security experts. It uses patterns, a successful and widely adopted technology for describing, communicating, and sharing knowledge. The authors guide you through the field of security, address key questions, and clearly show you how to build secure systems, and present corresponding proven solutions. For example, how do you identify an organization s or system s security needs, and how do you define an appropriate security approach to meet these needs Is confidentiality a security property you need in your system, or integrity, availability, or accountability Or even a mixture of the four And how do you ensure these properties by appropriate means of prevention, detection, and response Via identification and authentication (I&A) Or do you also need a means of access control and authorization in your systems, or even accounting and auditing And how do all services interact to provide a consistent and coherent security concept for your system Once you know what security services you need and how they interoperate, what are their different realization options For example, is a password-based or a PKI-based I&A appropriate to meet your security needs And what different options are available to you Smart cards RFID tags Or is it sufficient that you provide a log-on service for your system that requests your user ID and password You can imagine such a list of questions can be continued and detailed, not only for identification and authentication, but also for all other security services and mechanisms that can be provided: access control and authorization, accounting and auditing, and so on. So while security is a wide and non-trivial field, it is nevertheless important that you address it appropriately in order to build successful software systems. Ignoring security due to lack of overview and knowledge could be catastrophic. I m not a security expert, but after working on this book I had a much better understanding of the topic, allowing me to address it more explicitly, more prominently, and more constructively in my daily work as a software architect. In addition to the technical value and contribution of this book, there is another aspect that makes it special. This book has been written from the heart of the patterns community. All its authors have carefully crafted the scope of their patterns to avoid overlap, and they have integrated all the relationships between the patterns to ensure a common look-and-feel. The result is a network of complementary, mutually-supporting patterns that provide a solid coverage of important security
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Foreword areas. The value of this network is significantly bigger than the sum of the values of all its constituent patterns: you get the whole picture, not just its individual bits and pieces. Finally, I d like to invite you to take the opportunity to read and enjoy the patterns presented in this book. I hope that the security issues prove relevant for your systems, enrich your design knowledge, and enhance your overall understanding of security. I m sure you ll like this book as much as I do. Frank Buschmann Senior Principal Engineer Siemens AG, Corporate Technology
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