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Coefficients of correlation between educational level and WAIS-R IQ at ages 18 74 years, by age, ethnicity, and gender (N = 1,680) Group Age 18 24 25 54 55 74 Ethnic Group African American Caucasian Gender Female Male 840 840 .57 .63 .42 .47 .54 .59 166 1,492 .44 .60 .43 .42 .45 .56 400 800 480 .54 .67 .68 .42 .50 .48 .53 .64 .63 N Verbal IQ Performance IQ Full Scale IQ
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NOTE: Data are from Reynolds et al. (1987), with permission from Elsevier Science.
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males and 559 females aged 15 to 93 years. Coefficients averaged .42 for males and .33 for females with a higher correlation for males emerging for each separate Horn ability by .07 .13. Highest coefficients were obtained for both males and females on measures of crystallized knowledge and quantitative thinking (.55 for males vs. .44 .47 for females) with lower values obtained for the two main Horn abilities that are believed to be measured by Wechsler s Performance Scale: Fluid Reasoning (.39 vs. .32) and Broad Visualization (.30 vs. .17). These correlations are not directly comparable to the Wechsler coefficients because J. Kaufman et al. (1995) merged data for parental education (ages 15 24) with self-education (ages 25 93), but the pattern of higher values for males than females supports the gender difference found for the WAIS-R. Interestingly, the correlations of V-IQ and PIQ with education were about equal for African Americans, in contrast to the notably higher coefficients with V than P IQ (by .12 to .18) for all other samples shown in Table 4.7. Nonetheless,
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the data in the table support the strong relationship between obtained WAIS-R IQs and educational attainment, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.
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Relationship of Intelligence to Education on the Kaufman Tests
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Tables 4.8 and 4.9 present unpublished KAIT data on educational attainment provided by Kaufman and Kaufman (2000) for the IQ scales and subtest scaled scores, respectively. Tables 4.10 and 4.11 summarize K-BIT educational data (Kaufman & Wang, 1992). KAIT IQs and Subtests Mean KAIT IQs are shown in Table 4.8 for ages 25 94 years for five educational categories ranging from 8 years of schooling to 16 years. The ranges are a bit larger for Crystallized IQ than Fluid IQ (1.81 vs. 1.44 SD), with the differ-
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Years of Education 8 9 11 12 13 15 16
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Mean KAIT Crystallized, Fluid, and Composite IQs for normal adults by years of education for adults ages 25 to 94 years (N = 1,200) N 175 148 454 194 229 Crystallized IQ 83.9 93.4 99.6 104.8 111.0 1.81 SD Fluid IQ 88.6 95.8 99.1 102.8 110.2 1.44 SD Composite IQ 85.7 93.8 99.5 104.2 112.1 1.76 SD
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Range (Mean for 16 minus Mean for 8)
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NOTE: Data are for the KAIT standardization sample, ages 25 to 94 years (Kaufman & Kaufman, 2000, unpublished data). Ages 11 24 years are excluded from the analysis because they were stratified by parental education.
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ence between the correlations for the two KAIT IQs (0.37 SD) resembling closely the difference in the coefficients for WAIS-III Verbal and Performance IQs (0.37 SD). The magnitude of the effect sizes is substantially smaller for the KAIT IQs than for the WAIS-III IQs (e.g., values for global IQ are 1.76 for KAIT and 2.42 for WAIS-III), but this discrepancy is due to the more homogeneous educational categories used by Heaton et al. (2001) for the WAIS-III (e.g., 17 years) than the ones used for the KAIT. When the WAIS-III SD ranges reported by Heaton et al. (2001) are recomputed for the same educational categories used for the KAIT, the following ranges emerge for each WAIS-III IQ (V-IQ = 1.74 SD, P-IQ = 1.43 SD, FS-IQ = 1.75 SD). These recomputed values are uncannily close to their respective KAIT values, cross-validating the long history of Wechsler data with data from an entirely different comprehensive measure of adult intelligence. Table 4.9 presents educational data for KAIT subtests, and these results also conform closely to the WAIS-III data. Effect sizes are uniformly higher for Crystallized than Fluid subtests with the highest values of about 2 SD obtained for
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Definitions and Famous Faces, analogs to Wechsler s Vocabulary and Information, respectively. K-BIT Mean K-BIT standard scores earned by adults, ages 20 90 years, categorized by education (Kaufman & Wang, 1992) are shown in Table 4.10. The pattern of a stronger relationship with the verbal crystallized measure (Vocabulary) than with the nonverbal fluid measure (Matrices) conforms to the patterns found for the KAIT and the various Wechsler adult scales. The magnitude of the effect sizes for the three K-BIT scores (2.06 to 2.45 SD), however, is substantially higher than the magnitude for the more comprehensive IQ tests. Perusal of Table 4.10 indicates that the principal difference is the very low mean standard scores (mid- to high-70s) earned by the group with the lowest education level. Because this subsample was small (N = 49), that value may be an atypically low estimate for the population. Table 4.11 presents correlations between KBIT standard scores and educational achievement for the total sample, ages 20 90 years, and separately by age and ethnicity. The overall coefficient
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