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Williams, R. T. (1998). Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test. In J. C. Impara & B. S. Plake (Eds.), The thirteenth mental measurements yearbook (pp. 570 572). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska Press. Willis, S. L. (1985). Towards an educational psychology of the older adult learner: Intellectual and cognitive bases. In J. E. Birren and K. W. Schaie (Eds.), Handbook of the psychology of aging (2nd ed.; pp. 818 847). New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. Willoughby, R. R. (1927). Family similarities in mental-test abilities. Genetic Psychology Monographs, 2, 239 277. Willson, V. L., & Reynolds, C. R. (1985). Normative data on the WAIS-R for Selz and Reitan s index of scatter. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 41, 254 258. Wilson, M. S., & Reschly, D. J. (1996). Assessment in school psychology training and practice. School Psychology Review, 25, 9 23. Wilson, R. S. (1983). The Louisville twin study: Developmental synchronies in behavior. Child Development, 54, 298 316. Wilson, W. M. (1992). The Stanford-Binet: Fourth Edition and from L-M in the assessment of young children with mental retardation. Mental Retardation, 80(2), 81 84 Wing, L. (1971). Perceptual and language development in autistic children: A comparative study. In M. Rutter (Ed.), Infantile autism: Concepts, characteristics, and treatments. London: Churchill-Livingston. Winne, J., & Gittinger, J. (1973). An introduction to the Personality Assessment System. Journal of Clinical Psychology (Monograph Supplement 38). Wissler, C. (1901). The correlation of mental and physical tests. Psychological Review, 3 (Monograph Supplement 16). Witelson, S. F. (1976). Sex and the single hemisphere: Specialization of the right hemisphere for spatial processing. Science, 193, 425 427. Witelson, S. F. (1977). Developmental dyslexia: Two right hemispheres and none left. Science, 195, 309 311. Witelson, S. F. (1989). Hand and sex differences in the isthmus and genu of the human corpus callosum. Brain, 112, 799 835. Witt, J. C., & Martens, B. K. (1984). Adaptive behavior: Tests and assessment issues. School Psychology Review, 13, 478 484. Witt, S. J. (1981). Increase in adaptive behavior level after residence in an intermediate care facility for mentally retarded persons. Mental Retardation, 19, 75 79. Wolman, B. B. (1985). Intelligence and mental health. In B. B. Wolman (Ed.), Handbook of intelligence (pp. 849 872). New York: Wiley. Woodcock, R. W. (1978). Development and standardization of the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery. Allen, TX: DLM/Teaching Resources. Woodcock, R. W. (1982). Bateria Woodcock Psico-Educativa en Espanol. Allen, TX: DLM.
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