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Heber, R. F., & Garber, H. (1970). An experiment in the prevention of cultural familial retardation. Paper presented at the Second Congress of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Mental Deficiency, Warsaw, Poland. Hecaen, H., Ajuriaguerra, J. de, & Massonet, J. (1951). Les troubles visuoconstructifs par l sion parieto-occipitale droit. Encephale, 40, 122 179. Hecaen, H., & Angelergues, R. (1962). Agnosia for faces (prosopagnosia). Archives of Neurology, 7, 92 100. Heilbrun, A. B. (1956). Psychological test performance as a function of lateral localization of cerebral lesions. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, 49, 10 14. Heilman, K. M., Bowers, D., & Valenstein, F. (1985). Clinical neuropsychology (2nd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. Heimburger, R. F., & Reitan, R. M. (1961). Easily administered written test for lateralizing brain lesions. Journal of Neurosurgery, 18, 301 312. Heinemann, A. W., Harper, R. G., Friedman, E. C., & Whitney, J. (1985). The relative utility of the Shipley-Hartford scale: Prediction of WAIS-R IQ. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 41, 547 551. Heinrichs, R. W., & Celinski, M. J. (1987). Frequency of occurrence of a WAIS dementia profile in male head trauma patients. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 9, 187 190. Helmstadter, G. C. (1985). Review of Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal. In J. V. Mitchell (Ed.), The ninth mental measurements yearbook (pp. 1693 1694). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska Press. Hengstler, D. D., Reichard, D. J., Uhl, N. P., & Goldman, B. A. (1981, May). Prediction of academic success with the MyersBriggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Paper presented at the 21st annual forum of the Association for Institutional Research, Minneapolis, MN. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 205 129). Henning, J. J., & Levy, R. H. (1967). Verbal performance IQ differences of white and Negro delinquents on the WISC and WAIS. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 23, 164 168. Henrichs, T. F., & Amolsch, T. J. (1978). A note on the actuarial interpretation of WAIS profile patterns. Journal of Personality Assessment, 42, 418 420. Henrichs, T. F., Krauskopf, C. J., & Amolsch, T. J. (1982). Personality descriptions from the WAIS: A comparison of systems. Journal of Personality Assessment, 46, 544 549. Henry, S. A., & Wittman, R. D. (1981). Diagnostic implications of Bannatyne s recategorized WISC-R scores for learning disabled children. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 14, 517 520. Henson, F. O., & Bennett, L. M. (1985). Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement. In D. J. Keyser & R. C. Sweetland (Eds.), Test critiques (Vol. IV; 368 375). Kansas City, MO: Test Corporation of America.
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Herbert, M. (1998). Kaufman Short Neuropsychological Assessment Procedure. In J. C. Impara & B. S. Plake (Eds.), The thirteenth mental measurements yearbook (pp. 573 575). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska Press. Herman, D. O. (1988). Development of the Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised. Clinical Neuropsychologist, 2, 102 106. Hermelin, B., & O Connor, N. (1970). Psychological experiments with autistic children. New York: Pergamon. Herring, J. P. (1922). Herring revision of the Binet-Simon tests: Examination manual-Form A. London: World Book. Herring, S., & Reitan, R. M. (1986). Sex similarities in Verbal and Performance IQ deficits following unilateral cerebral lesions. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 54, 537 541. Herrnstein, R. J., & Murray, C. (1994). The bell curve. New York: Free Press. Hertzog, C. (1989). Influences of cognitive slowing on age differences in intelligence. Developmental Psychology, 25, 636 651. Hertzog, C., & Schaie, K. W. (1988). Stability and change in adult intelligence: Simultaneous analysis of longitudinal means and covariance structures. Psychology and Aging, 3, 122 130. Hertzog, C., Schaie, K. W., & Gribbin, K. (1978). Cardiovascular disease and changes in intellectual functioning from middle to old age. Journal of Gerontology, 33, 872 883. Hessler, G. L. (1982). Use and interpretation of the WoodcockJohnson Psycho-Educational Battery. Chicago: Riverside. Hessler, G. L. (1993). Use and interpretation of the WoodcockJohnson Psycho-Educational Battery-Revised. Chicago: Riverside. Hetherington, E. M., & Parke, R. D. (1986). Child psychology (3rd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. Hier, D. B., & Kaplan, J. (1980). Are sex differences in cerebral organization clinically significant Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 3, 238 239. Hightower, M. G., & Anderson, R. D. (1986). Memory evaluation of alcoholics with Russell s revised Wechsler Memory Scale. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 42, 1000 1005. Hill, A. L. (1978). WAIS subtest score characteristics of institutionalized mentally retarded samples. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 47, 131 134. Hill, T. D., Reddon, J. R., & Jackson, D. N. (198S). The factor structure of the Wechsler scales: A brief review. Clinical Psychology Review, 5, 287 306. Hilliard, A. G., III. (1979). Standardization and cultural bias as impediments to the scientific study and validation of intelligence. Journal of Research and Development in Education, 12, 47 58. Hiltonsmith, R. W., Hayman, P. M., & Kleinman, D. (1984). Predicting WAIS-R scores from the Revised Beta for low functioning minority group offenders. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 40, 1063 1066. Hiltonsmith, R. W., Hayman, P. M., & Ursprung, A. W. (1982). Beta-WAIS comparisons with low functioning mi-
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