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ALTERNATIVE APPROACH TO INTERPRETING THE WAIS-III usually large or uncommon. Differences among Indexes that occur infrequently in the standardization sample may be valuable in making diagnoses and generating educational recommendations when corroborated by other data. The interpretive worksheet for Step 5c includes the critical values (estimated from appropriate formulas by Longman, 2004) necessary to determine whether the differences between a child s interpretable Indexes and the mean of all Indexes occur less than 10% of the time in the standardization sample. If the magnitude of the observed difference between an interpretable Index and the mean of all Indexes is equal to or greater than the value reported in the interpretive worksheet for Step 5c, then the difference is uncommon; otherwise, the difference is not uncommon. Figure A.5 indicates that Nicole s difference scores for her PS (VCI) and her PW (WMI) both exceeded the critical values for a 10% base rate, and are, therefore, uncommon. Examiners who prefer to use a different base rate may use the values for < 5%, < 2%, or < 1%, presented along with the < 10% level in Table A.5. Step 5d. Identify Key Assets and High Priority Concerns in the person s profile using the following criteria to identify personal strengths and weaknesses that are of greatest importance, diagnostically and educationally. i. Significant Personal Strengths that are also uncommon and greater than 115 are labeled Key Assets. ii. Significant Personal Weaknesses that are also uncommon and less than 85 are labeled High Priority Concerns. Again referring to Figure A.5, Nicole demonstrated a Key Asset in the ability measured by VCI (Crystallized Intelligence or Gc) and a High Priority Concern in the ability measured by WMI (Short-Term Memory or Gsm).
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required for statistical significance at both the .05 and .01 levels. We recommend using the .05 level that appears in the shaded rows of Table A.4, but examiners may choose either the .05 or .01 level (Appendix B s Interpretive Worksheet lists values only for the .05 level). Because some of the values for specific age levels differ from those reported for the total sample, we recommend using the differences reported by age. In order to be considered statistically significant, the difference must be equal to or greater than the value required for significance. Note that the Bonferroni correction has not been applied to values in Table A.4, to be consistent with the method used for the WISCIV by Flanagan and Kaufman (2004). However, others such as Longman (2004) have applied the Bonferroni correction when conducting similar analyses. Use the following criteria for identifying personal strengths and weaknesses: i. If the difference is significant and the Interpretable Index is higher than the mean, then the Index is a Personal Strength for the person. ii. If the difference is significant and the Interpretable Index is lower than the mean, than the Index is a Personal Weakness for the person. All four of Nicole s Indexes are found to be interpretable when Step 3 is conducted. (Nicole s subtest scaled scores are shown in Table 12.7 in 12.) Hence, all four of Nicole s Indexes were entered in the worksheet for Step 5b (Figure A.5). As shown, two of her difference scores were large enough to be significant at the .05 level, as her VCI of 118 denotes a PS whereas her WMI of 82 denotes a PW. Step 5c. Determine whether Personal Strengths and Personal Weaknesses are uncommon using the < 10% base rate criterion. Because statistical significance means only that an observed difference is real (i.e., not due to chance), it is necessary to determine whether the difference is also un-
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