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REBUTTAL The intelligent testing approach is specifically designed to put the global scores aside if neurological, behavioral, or other factors suggest that one or more subtests do not validly assess a person s intelligence. This technique has been available to clinicians for 20 to 30 years (Kaufman, 1979a; Sattler, 1974) and has been studied and applied by numerous clinicians around the world (Kaufman & Kaufman, 2001b). Some of the basic tenets of the intelligent testing approach (Kaufman, 1979a, 1994a; Kaufman & Lichtenberger, 1999, 2000), summarized in 1, are repeated here to emphasize that this philosophy is not new:
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Global scores are deemphasized, flexibility and insight on the part of the examiner are demanded, and the test is perceived as a dynamic helping agent rather than as an instrument for placement, labeling, or other types of academic oppression (p. 1).. .. The burden is on test users to be better than the tests they use (p. 11).... The value of the scores increases when the examiner functions as a true experimenter and tries to determine why the [person] earned the particular profile revealed on the record form; the IQs become harmful when they are unquestionably interpreted as valid indicators of intellectual functioning and are misconstrued as evidence of the [person s] maximum or even typical performance. (p. 13)
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In addition: It is during the process of clinical interpretation of the test profile of any given individual referred for evaluation someone who may have depressed scores on one or more subtests due to sensory, motor, emotional, attentional, neurological, motivational, or cultural factors that the global IQs have, for many years, resided in a coffin six feet below the foundations of schools and clinics throughout the country (Kaufman, 1988, p. 5).
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Lezak s Proposed Alternative to the IQ Lezak (1988a): Rather than equating mental abilities with intelligence and thinking of them
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as aspects of a unitary phenomenon that can be summed up in an IQ score, we need to conceptualize them in all their multivariate complexity and report our examination findings in a profile of test scores (p. 359). Lezak wants examiners to treat the results of an intelligence test as a multiplicity of scores representing an enchanting array of disparate abilities. Eliminate IQ from one s vocabulary, and study the peaks and valleys in the scaled score profile. The good part of her suggestion is that she is able to damn the IQ concept without cavalierly discarding the instruments altogether. The bad part is that her suggestion, if followed assiduously, represents a return to a clinical interpretation approach that was once popular but is now out of favor. That approach treated each subtest as a discrete entity, with each task a measure of a long string of traits and abilities. Books typifying that approach often devoted a separate chapter to each of Wechsler s subtests, with few chapters devoted to their integration (e.g., Glasser & Zimmerman, 1967). Such books were quite informative, but they often encouraged young professionals to interpret the Wechsler scales one subtest at a time, thus losing the global perspective. For example, a person scoring low in Picture Completion was typically reported to be deficient in visual alertness and in distinguishing essential from nonessential details. That same person may well have earned a high score in Picture Arrangement (which also requires close attention to visual detail), but the examiner is not likely to have integrated the data across subtests. Why Because too much focus on the uniqueness of each subtest in a profile (including its unique neurological correlates) can work against a more integrated treatment of the total picture. And, despite Lezak s arguments to the contrary, the global IQs, as well as the results of factor analysis, are just as much a part of the totality of test interpretation as the profile of 10 or 11 or 12 Wechsler subtests. As Dean (1988) notes, the aggregate IQ offers the psychologist a stable baseline from which to consider profile points (p. 4).
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