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her as a teacher than simply performing the operations of the problem. The reading subtest included items such as describing the meaning of signs and symbols, interpreting recipes, and defining abbreviations. Lauren seemed to enjoy the K-FAST test. Her Above Average performance on this test provides further evidence of her strength in acquired knowledge, long-term memory, and fund of information. In addition to her strong abilities on school-related tasks, Lauren demonstrated specific relative strengths in both the integration of verbal concepts and the output of verbal expression. These strengths were evidenced by her performance on three WAIS-III verbal subtests that required her to solve arithmetic problems orally, explain the similarities between objects, and articulate social rules and concepts or provide solutions to everyday problems. Articulate verbalization was further noted in her explanation of her Kinetic Family Drawing (previously discussed), and her ease of verbalization with the examiner during the intake interview. Though she evidenced strengths in verbal conceptualization and expression, Lauren demonstrated that her spelling abilities were less well developed. This was noted by her performance (47th percentile) on the Spelling subtest of the WJ III (previously discussed). Familiar words such as loyalty, obedience, and prejudice were misspelled by Lauren. As is true for many adults, her spelling skills may have declined over the years due to the fact that Lauren has been out of school for several years, and usually depends on her computer s spell-check rather than worrying about correcting errors herself. Lauren also commented to the examiner at the beginning of this subtest that she hates spelling...I always just use a dictionary or my spell-check to spare myself the agony. In contrast to the strengths described above, Lauren demonstrated significant relative weaknesses in both visual memory and visual sequencing. These weaknesses were noted in a task that required her to pair numbers with their hieroglyphic symbols presented in a key. Her weakness in visual memory was further noted in two tasks: one in which Lauren had to examine pictures of objects and settings and determine important parts that were missing in the picture, and in another in which she examined a group of symbols to determine if it contained one of the symbols present in a target pair. Lauren was not able to quickly retrieve the visual images required to perform well on these tasks. Her visual sequencing weakness was noted in a task in which she had to rearrange sets of mixed-up pictures to create a logical story sequence. Her weaknesses in both visual memory and visual sequencing supports her weakness in sequential processing, which is in contrast to her strong holistic processing style (interpreting visual spatial relationships as a whole rather than in parts). Summary and Conclusion Concerned about her feeling of inadequacy as a substitute teacher for certain subjects and grade levels, Lauren, a 57-year-old female, was referred by her employer for a psychoeducational evaluation to assess her cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Lauren was interested in determining what grade levels and academic subjects she is qualified to substitute for and she wanted specific recommendations to enhance her performance as a teacher. Lauren s WAIS-III profile contained significant variability among her Indexes, which rendered her Verbal IQ and Full Scale IQ meaningless as a representation of her overall ability, and warrants interpretation of the individual Indexes and her subtest strengths and weaknesses. As evident from her performance on the Verbal Comprehension Index (112) and Perceptual Organization Index (105), Lauren performs equally well on verbal conceptualization tasks (79th percentile) and nonverbal reasoning tasks (63rd percentile). In addition, Lauren s Verbal Comprehension and Working Memory indexes were almost identical, indicating that she performs equally well on all types of verbal tasks including those dependent on acquired knowledge as well as tasks of performing operations with numbers. The 19-point discrepancy found between her Perceptual Organization Index and her Processing Speed Index indicates that Lauren per-
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