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4. Another mnemonic strategy is to take the first letter of each word in a list that is to be remembered and create a meaningful sentence from it. For example, to remember carrots, apples, potatoes, rice, thyme, watermelon, Aim e could associate the C, A, P, R, T, and W with the following sentence: Cats and pigeons rule the world. 5. Working with a friend or personal tutor on assignments related to her difficult course would be beneficial. Because Aim e is so verbal, speaking out loud while trying to recall information will be beneficial. Also, creating a dialog with another person about the information to be remembered will help her to remember the topics she is trying to recall. Douglas Johnson Psychological Intern Elizabeth O. Lichtenberger, Ph.D. Clinical Supervisor
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Reason for Referral Lauren J. was referred by her current employer for a psychoeducational evaluation in order to assess her cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Her employer is an agency that employs parttime substitute teachers and sends them out to teaching assignments at private schools to fill in for master teachers in their absence. Lauren has been employed by this company for four years and has received countless accolades from the schools she has taught at about her superior performance as a substitute teacher. However, Lauren expressed concern to her supervisor that recently she has begun to feel inept in certain classrooms. For example, she stated that she feels unqualified and uncomfortable when she has to teach a math lesson. Oftentimes, the students can figure out the problem before Lauren is able to, which had never previously happened, and this causes her a lot of embarrassment. The supervisor empathized with her situation and suggested that a psychoeducational evaluation be performed to achieve an accurate assessment of her cognitive strengths and weaknesses. She would also like Lauren to receive recommendations about what subjects and grade levels she is qualified to teach and how to improve on her weaker skill areas. Background Information Lauren is married and has two daughters, twenty-five and twenty-three years of age. She currently lives with her husband and works part-time as a substitute teacher. Mr. C. is the vice president of a major corporation and is not at home very often. In speaking about her educational history, Lauren stated that, in high school, she did not live up to her full potential and consequently had to attend a junior college because her grades were not good enough to be directly accepted into a university. Lauren reported that she worked very hard during her first year of junior college. She achieved superior grades and was then able to transfer to a university where she continued to perform well. She received a bachelor s degree in History with a minor in English Literature. She commented to the examiner that she believes this is one of her biggest accomplishments in life.
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After she graduated from the university, Lauren was employed as a flight attendant for one of the major airline carriers. She continued in this occupation for ten years and resigned when she married and decided to have children. She stated that she has worked in many different vocational settings over the years including retail sales, secretarial work, and as a teacher in the private school system. She commented that her present employment is extremely satisfying and she has a very good relationship with her colleagues and supervisors. Lauren remarked that she has received complements from school administrators and other teachers that she is the best and a godsend because she does great work as a substitute teacher and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Lauren stated that one of the best features of her job is that she gets to choose the days she wishes to work, which gives her the opportunity to enjoy social time with friends and family and ample time to take care of the household. Lauren s medical history is relatively unremarkable. She is farsighted and, therefore, requires the use of reading glasses. During a recent physical examination, her physician found her hearing to be excellent and no medical conditions were noted. Lauren has had no major illnesses, injuries, or hospitalizations. She does not use nicotine or illegal drugs. When asked about her pattern of alcohol use, Lauren stated that she enjoys a glass of wine every night with dinner, but never drinks large quantities at a time. She added that her eating habits are a bit erratic and her diet is not balanced enough. She also expressed a concern about not getting enough sleep on a daily basis and that to get a really good night of sleep, she has to take an over-the-counter sleep aid such as Sominex, but no other medications were noted. Lauren reported no history of learning problems in her family, but she does have a history of psychological disorders in her family. Her mother suffered from a severe case of menopausallyrelated depression at the age of 51. She was treated for her disorder and, after fighting the disorder for thirteen years, regained her psychological health. However, after a fifteen-year period of remission, her mother s depression recently resurfaced. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital just a few weeks ago. Lauren stated that this has been a severe stressor in her life and has dictated her daily activities for the past few weeks. She has been unable to teach on a regular basis, as her mother s condition demands the availability of constant care. She remarked that she feels lucky to have a very strong support system to help her through this tough time. She has a close relationship with her husband and her two daughters, and a good friend who lives next door. Luckily, her other siblings live close by and her father lives with her mother, so they have been able to share the responsibilities of her mother s care. Lauren stated that she enjoys jogging and working in her garden during her free time. Lauren believes her strengths to be that she is skilled in organizing her time and activities and she is a very caring and giving mother to her two daughters. Lauren stated rather frankly that her weaknesses are her poor self-image and low self-esteem. Appearance and Behavioral Characteristics Lauren, a 57-year-old Caucasian female, is of medium height and weight and appears younger than her stated age. Lauren arrived for the evaluation dressed casually in a cotton dress and lowheeled shoes. She was well-groomed and wore subtle makeup on her face. Lauren was very pleasant and polite throughout the examination. She chatted casually with the examiner at the beginning of the evaluation, but was very attentive and receptive to the intake questions asked of her. She appeared very comfortable in answering all of the background questions and she seemed to want to cooperate by providing a sufficient amount of detail for the examiner to record. Therefore, rapport was very easily established during the intake interview, and a comfortable relationship between Lauren and the examiner continued throughout the testing administration. Lauren was extremely articulate in her verbal responses, but she appeared to be apprehensive in answering certain verbal questions that were difficult. Her attention remained focused
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