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person scoring very low does not have a weakness in every test component. The person is likely to be especially strong or weak in one or two abilities that the task assesses; the examiner s job is to determine the specific asset or liability by carefully evaluating the person s performance on other WAIS-III tasks that measure similar abilities. 5. The empirical determination of significant strengths and weaknesses is the starting point of test interpretation, not the end point. In essence, the existence of at least one significant fluctuation in the WAIS-III profile gives the examiner his or her detective s license sanction to enter the profile to make sense out of the significant fluctuations. Without significant deviations, differences in the scaled scores are usually best interpreted as due to chance. When one or more scores deviate significantly from the person s mean, the other (nonsignificant) scaled scores become useful interpretive adjuncts for hypothesis testing, depending on whether they are above or below the individual s mean score. 6. When generating hypotheses, examiners should aggregate tasks. Just as subtest-specific interpretations are discouraged, so too are hypotheses that are derived by pitting one subtest against another. Some psychologists (e.g., Sattler, 1988) encourage this type of interpretation: High Comprehension and low Arithmetic may suggest that reasoning ability is adequate in social situations but not in situations involving numbers (p. 176). High Object Assembly and low Picture Arrangement may suggest that visual inductive reasoning skills are better developed than visual sequencing skills (p. 178). Most WAIS-III subtests, especially unstable tasks like Object Assembly and Picture Arrangement, are just not reliable enough to permit interpretation of differences between subtests. Even reliable subtests like Information and Comprehension cannot support the kinds of diagnostic inferences that are sometimes at-
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tributed to them: High Comprehension, especially coupled with lower Information, characteristic for hysterics. The reverse generally seen in the obsessivecompulsive (Allison, Blatt, & Zimet, 1968, p. 25). At the worst, such analyses can promote test abuse because of inadequate validation; at the best, they encourage overinterpretation of chance error. 7. Hypotheses generated from the shared abilities of WAIS-III subtests are just that hypotheses. They are not facts but ideas about a person s cognitive and behavioral functioning that require external verification to be optimally meaningful. This type of cross-validation can come from background information (e.g., knowledge about the individual s cultural opportunities, behavioral descriptions by others who know the patient, nature of a head injury), clinical observations of the person s test-taking behavior, and scores on other pertinent subtests. This intelligent, scientific attitude toward hypothesis validation is also characteristic of clinicians, such as Allison et al. (1968) and Sattler (1988), who advocate interpretation of differences between specific subtests. Never infer a behavioral or background hypothesis about a person based simply on a grouping of subtest scores. One should neither hypothesize distractibility because of low scores on Digit Span, Arithmetic, and LetterNumber Sequencing nor suggest a poor early environment because of deficits in Information and Vocabulary. Behavioral hypotheses require external support from the clinician s observations of test behavior, from behavioral rating scales filled out by others, and so forth. Background hypotheses demand reliable verification about the individual s environment as a child, adolescent, and adult. 8. The interpretive guidelines presented in Steps 8 and 9, as well as Steps 1 7, both empirical and rational, are not inviolable. They are intended as aids to interpretation and should not serve to hamper clinical inferences
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from a WAIS-III administration. Rules, no matter what their empirical foundation, cannot replace good judgment and must not supersede clinical, neuropsychological, or psychoeducational insights. Rules are meant to be broken; however, violation of guidelines and principles should occur with full knowledge of proper interpretive procedures, not out of ignorance.
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that the person may be unable to store the stimuli long enough to process them appropriately. The shared abilities listed in Table 12.3 are not exhaustive; the information provided is intended to be illustrative and serve as a good guideline. Utilize this reference as a framework that is open to expansion. Incorporate your expertise as an examiner and the individuality of each person tested into the detective work involved in profile analysis.
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