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Walt, a 21-year, 7-month-old Caucasian male of heavy build and below average height, was referred in an effort to obtain an evaluation of his current level of abilities and to make vocational recommendations. Walt earned a Full Scale IQ of 79 on the WAIS-III, placing him in the Borderline range of intellectual functioning. Similar performance was noted on the PPVT-III, as he scored 82 on this measure. A significant and striking discrepancy was noted on the WAIS-III between his Verbal IQ of 93 and the Performance IQ of 67. This discrepancy, significant at the .01 level and abnormal in its magnitude, appears to indicate that the Verbal IQ is a more representative reflection of Walt s intellectual abilities than are the three global scores or his Performance IQ. The WAIS-III Indexes reveal a similar pattern of performance with a significantly higher Verbal Comprehension Index than Perceptual Organization Index. The WAIS-III IQs obtained in this evaluation are nearly identical to the values obtained 2 years after his car accident. Hence, whatever improvement in Walt s visual perceptual functioning that one might expect to occur spontaneously was already completed 5 years ago. At this point, Walt s intellectual abilities, both verbal and nonverbal, are stable and not likely to change very much in the future. Walt evidenced a preference for sequential problem solving rather than simultaneous problem solving and appeared to be more at ease on concrete tasks than on tasks involving abstractions. While Walt s vision is severely limited, he appears to have developed effective compensatory skills. On this battery of tests, Walt demonstrated a relatively high level of verbal skill; his score was about Average for his age of 21. He evidenced good learning ability and persistence and flexibility in problem solving. He demonstrated good social skills and appeared to have a good self-concept. Walt presented himself as a very determined young man and expressed an interest in helping others. Deficits were noted in visual motor skills and in his ability to function efficiently in
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timed situations. A degree of disorientation was also observed. Walt s academic achievement appears to be somewhat below the level to be expected from his evidenced Verbal IQ. Walt s demonstrated skills and expressed desires would appear to be commensurate with jobs involving helping others. He is able to learn effectively when training procedures reflect stepby-step, organized instruction and patience. Problems involving transportation to and from work might be addressed by provision of an on-site residence. Therefore, possible job areas might include nursing homes, hospitals, residential treatment facilities, or facilities such as the Boys Ranch. Vocational Rehabilitation services should be utilized in an effort to facilitate these recommendations. Examiners and Report Writers: Graduate students in Drs. Nadeen and Alan Kaufman s advanced assessment course at the University of Alabama: Buddy (James) Allen, Sandy Bennett, Jean Dalton, Susan Ervin, Bill Gilchrist, Debra Nix, Ella Shamblin, Margaret Webster, and Louise White. Five-Month Follow-up Report: Walt The results of Walt s evaluation were communicated to his mother and to Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Walt s file was activated by Vocational Rehabilitation, and he received a complete physical evaluation. Efforts were begun to locate appropriate employment. In the ensuing period Walt was hired as a night manager in a small convenience store. While he was able to handle most tasks individually, the complexity and need for rapid response proved to be too difficult. Three months ago, Walt was hired in the housekeeping department of a local nursing home. His employers have proven to be patient and flexible. Walt needed time to orient himself to the physical plant, but his supervisor reports that Walt is currently performing well as a full-time employee. Walt says that he is comfortable with his duties and enjoys interacting with the residents. Transportation continues to be problematic but Walt is currently able to ride with a fellow employee. Schedules have been rearranged by his employers to assist Walt in this area. While Walt is happy with his present position, he is anxious to move beyond his current duties. Possible alternative placements are currently being explored with his case worker at Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
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