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range of testing time for each subtest and scale was rather large. Using a range of plus or minus 2 SDs from the mean administration time, the complete WAIS-R legitimately takes between 1 and 2 hours to give to patients who are of about average intelligence. Note that the average administration time for the WAIS-R in Ryan and Rosenberg s (1984a) study of clinical patients with IQs in the low 90s (on average) is strikingly similar to the mean administration time for the 11 regular WAIS-III subtests in Ryan et al. s (1998) study of a different low 90s clinical sample. A similar administration time study (Ward, Selby, & Clark, 1987) used 30 patients at a Veterans Administration Hospital (70% Caucasian, 97% male) and 30 private practice Social Security evaluation clients (37% Caucasian, 50% male). Because these groups were comparable in age (early to mid-40s) and ability level (FS-IQs in the mid to upper 70s), data for both subsamples are combined in Table 6.2 to show the mean administration times for 60 low-functioning individuals whose average ages are almost identical to those of Ryan and Rosenberg s sample of clinical patients. There are some similarities in the time it takes to administer the WAIS-R subtests to lowfunctioning and average patients. For both groups, the five longest subtests to give are identical (although they do not appear in the same order), and the two subtests with the shortest administration time are Digit Symbol and Digit Span. However, the WAIS-R is clearly a shorter test to give to low-functioning patients than to those with average intelligence, with the largest discrepancy occurring on the Verbal Scale (see Table 6.2). The three longest subtests to administer to low-functioning patients are all on the Performance Scale (Block Design, Picture Arrangement, Object Assembly, each with an administration time of 9 to 10 minutes); in contrast, Vocabulary and Comprehension are two of the three longest tasks to give to patients of average intelligence. On the average, the WAIS-R took nearly 70 minutes to administer to Ward et al. s (1987)
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sample of low-functioning private practice clients and hospitalized patients. The mean administration time was 22 1 2 minutes longer for Ryan and Rosenberg s (1984a) group, with most of the difference (171 2 minutes) accounted for by the Verbal Scale. Conceivably, the WAIS-R is shorter to give to people with low IQ than those with average IQ. Thompson, Howard, and Anderson (1986) tested 90 psychiatric patients on the WAIS-R whose average Full Scale IQ was 86.5. Not only was this group s Low Average mean IQ in between the average IQs of the samples tested by Ward et al. (1987) and Ryan and Rosenberg (1984a), but so, too, was their average administration time for the complete WAIS-R (76.9 minutes). Thompson et al. did not, unfortunately, report times for the separate subtests or scales. Despite the evidence, one must be hesitant before concluding that the differences between the administration time data in the three studies are primarily a function of the ability levels of the respective samples. Individual examiners differ substantially in their rates of test administration, the degree of questioning verbal responses, and the like. Possibly the data from the three studies differ, in part, because of examiner variables. This hypothesis has some support if one examines Ward et al. s (1987) administration time data separately for the examiner who conducted the Social Security evaluations and the examiner who tested the patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital. Total average administration time for the former examiner was 77 minutes (Verbal = 36, Performance = 41), while for the latter examiner it was 61 minutes (Verbal = 28, Performance = 33). Note, however, that even the slower examiner was considerably quicker than the six examiners used by Ryan and Rosenberg (1984a) to test patients with average ability. Also, both of Ward et al. s (1987) examiners took about 5 minutes longer to give the Performance than the Verbal Scale, whereas the examiners in Ryan and Rosenberg s (1984a) investigation took 7 minutes longer to administer the Verbal Scale.
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