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Click the Align Right button ( ) to right-align text. Click the Justify button ( ) to justify text between the left and right margins.
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Word applies the alignment to the text.
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This example centres the text on the document page.
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You can adjust the amount of spacing that appears between lines of text in your paragraphs. For example, you might set 2.5 spacing to allow for handwritten edits in your printed document or set 1.5 spacing to make paragraphs easier to read. By default, Word assigns 1.15 spacing for all new documents that you create. You can also control how much space appears before and after each paragraph in your document. For example, you might opt to single-space the text within a paragraph but add space before and after the paragraph to set it apart from the paragraphs that precede and follow it.
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Select the text that you want to format. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the Line Spacing button ( ). Click a line spacing option.
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Word immediately applies the new spacing.
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This example applies 2.0 line spacing.
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To control the spacing that surrounds a paragraph, click the corner group button ( ) in the Paragraph group. The Paragraph dialog box opens.
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Use the Before spin box to specify how much space should appear before the paragraph. Use the After spin box to specify how much space should appear after the paragraph. Click OK.
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You can use indents as another way to control the horizontal positioning of text in a document. Indents are simply margins that affect individual lines or paragraphs. You might use an indent to distinguish a particular paragraph on a page for example, a long quote. Word offers several tools for setting indents. For example, the Home tab on the Ribbon contains buttons for quickly increasing and decreasing indents by a predefined amount. You can make more precise changes to indent settings in the Paragraph dialog box. Finally, you can use the Word ruler to set indents.
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Set Quick Indents 1 Click anywhere in the paragraph you want to indent.
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Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click an indent button. You can click the Decrease Indent button ( ) to decrease the indentation. You can click the Increase Indent button ( ) to increase the indentation.
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Word applies the indent change.
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Set Precise Indents 1 Click anywhere in the paragraph you want to indent.
Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the corner group button ( ) in the Paragraph group. The Paragraph dialog box appears.
Type a specific indentation in the Left or Right indent text boxes.
You can also click to set an indent measurement. To set a specific kind of indent, you can click the Special and then click an indent. The Preview area shows a sample of the indent.
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Click OK. Word applies the indent to the text.
You can quickly set an indent using the Word ruler.To do so, simply drag the indent marker ( ) on the ruler to the desired location. If the ruler is not visible, position your mouse pointer over the top of the work area and pause; the ruler appears. (You can also click
the View tab and click Ruler to display the ruler).The ruler contains markers for changing the left indent, right indent, first-line indent and hanging indent. (To determine which marker is which, you can position your mouse pointer over each one; Word displays the marker s name.)
You can use tabs to create vertically aligned columns of text in your Word document. To insert a tab, simply press the key on your keyboard; the cursor moves to the next tab stop on the page. By default, Word creates tab stops every 0.5 inches across the page and left-aligns the text on each tab stop. You can set your own tab stops using the ruler or the Tabs dialog box. You can also use the Tabs dialog box to change the tab alignment and specify an exact measurement between tab stops.
Set Quick Tabs 1 Position your mouse pointer over the top edge of the work area and pause to display the ruler.