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You can use Outlook s Contacts component to maintain contact information for people with whom you want to remain in touch, such as family members, co-workers and clients. Using Outlook Contacts, you can keep track of information about your contacts such as their home address, their business address, their e-mail address, their home phone number, their work phone number, their mobile number and their fax number. You can also enter notes about a contact. If you use a different program to keep track of your contacts, you may be able to import that information into Outlook. For more information, see the tip at the end of this section.
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Click the Contacts button in the Navigation pane to open the Contacts component. Click the New Contact button.
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Outlook opens a Contact window.
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Fill in the contact s information. You can press field to field. to move from
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Click the Show button. Click the Details button. Fill in additional information about the contact, as needed. Click the Save & Close button.
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Outlook saves the information and displays the contact in the Contacts list. To edit contact details, you can double-click the contact to reopen the Contact window.
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To import a list of contacts from another program, first export the contacts from that program to a file. Click the File tab, click Open and click Import to open the Import and Export Wizard, which steps you through the import process.
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One way to send an e-mail to a contact is to right-click the contact, click Create and then click E-mail. Outlook opens a Message window with the contact s e-mail address in the To field; add a subject, type your message text and click Send.
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You can use Outlook s Tasks component to keep track of things that you need to do, such as a daily list of activities or project steps that you need to complete. You can assign a due date to each task, as well as prioritise and categorise tasks. You can even use Outlook Tasks to assign tasks to other people. Outlook s Notes component allows you to create notes for yourself, much like an electronic version of yellow sticky notes. You can attach Outlook Notes to other items in Outlook, such as appointments or e-mail messages, as well as drag them from the Outlook window onto the Windows desktop for easy viewing.
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Click the Tasks button in the Navigation pane to open the Tasks component. Click the New Task button. Outlook displays a Task window.
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Type a subject for the task.
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Outlook adds the subject to the window s title.
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Enter a due date for the task. Click the Status progress option. and click a
Type a note or details about the task here.
You can set a priority level for the task using the Priority . To set a completion amount, you can click the % Complete .
Click the Save & Close button.
Outlook displays the task in the Tasks list.
To view the task details again or make changes, you can doubleclick the task to reopen the Task window.
To change your view of tasks in the Tasks list, you can click the Change View button and choose a view option from the menu that appears.
Add a Note 1 Click the Notes button ( ) in the Navigation pane to open the Notes component.
Click the New Note button. Outlook displays a yellow note.
Type your note text. When you finish, click the note s Close button ( ). Outlook adds the note to the Notes list. To view the note again or to make changes, you can doubleclick the note to reopen it.
You can use Outlook to compose and send e-mail messages. When you compose a message in Outlook, you designate the e-mail address of the message recipient (or recipients) and type your message text. You can also give the message a subject title to indicate to recipients what the message is about. Although you can compose a message offline, you must log on to your Internet connection to send a message. If you do not have time to finish composing your message during your current work session, you can save the message as a draft for access at a later time instead of sending it.
Click the Mail button in the Navigation pane to open the Mail component. Click the Home tab. Click the New E-mail button.