Apply a Simple Filter 1 Open the form you want to filter. in .NET

Printing 3 of 9 barcode in .NET Apply a Simple Filter 1 Open the form you want to filter.
Apply a Simple Filter 1 Open the form you want to filter.
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Click in the field by which you want to filter. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the Selection button. Click a criterion. Access filters the records.
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In this example, Access finds two records matching the filter criterion. You can use the navigation buttons to view the filtered records. To undo a filter, click the Toggle Filter button.
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Filter by Form 1 Open the form you want to filter.
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Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the Advanced button. Click Filter By Form. A blank form appears.
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Click in the field by which you want to filter. Click the that appears and choose a criterion. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to add more criteria to the filter.
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You can set OR criteria using the tabs at the bottom of the form.
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Click the Toggle Filter button. Access filters the records. To remove the filter, you can click the Toggle Filter button again.
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To filter by exclusion, click in the form field on which you want to filter. Click the Selection button on the Home tab and then click an exclusion option. Access filters out any records that do not contain the data found in the field that you selected.
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OR criteria enable you to display records that match one set of criteria or another. For example, you might set up your filter to display only those records with the value Jones OR the value Smith in the Last Name field.
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You can use Access s Conditional Formatting tool to apply certain formatting attributes, such as bold text or a fill colour, to data in a form when the data meets a specified condition. For example, if your database tracks weekly sales, you might set up Access s Conditional Formatting feature to alert you if sales figures fall below what is required for you to break even. You apply conditional formatting by creating a rule, which specifies the criteria that the value in a field must meet. Values that meet the criteria are formatted using settings you specify.
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Open the form to which you want to apply conditional formatting in Layout view. Click the field to which you want to apply conditional formatting. Click the Format tab. Click the Conditional Formatting button.
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The Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box opens.
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Click the New Rule button. The New Formatting Rule dialog box opens.
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Set the criteria you want to use to apply conditional formatting. Specify how values that meet your criteria should be formatted. Click OK.
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Access creates a rule based on the criteria you set.
Click OK.
Access applies the conditional formatting.
Remove Conditional Formatting
Open the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box. (To open this dialog box, follow Steps 1 to 4 on the previous page.) Click the conditional formatting rule you want to remove. Click the Delete Rule button. Click OK. Access removes the conditional formatting.
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You can use a query to extract information that you want to view in a database. Queries are especially useful when you want to glean data from multiple tables. Queries are similar to filters but offer you greater control when it comes to viewing records. You can use the Query Wizard to help you select what fields you want to include in the analysis. There are several types of Query Wizard. These include Simple, which is covered here; Crosstab, to display information in a spreadsheet-like format; Find Duplicates, to find records with duplicate field values; and Find Unmatched, to find records in one table with no related records in another table.
Create a Query 1 Open the table or form for which you want to perform a query.
Click the Create tab on the Ribbon. Click the Query Wizard button.
A New Query dialog box appears.
Click Simple Query Wizard. Click OK. The Simple Query Wizard opens.
Click the Tables/Queries and choose the table on which you want to base the query. In the Available Fields list, click a field to include in the query. Click the Add button (
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The field is added to the Selected Fields list.
Repeat Steps 7 and 8 to add more fields to your query. Click Next.
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Type a name for the query. Click the Open the query to view information radio button. Click Finish. A query datasheet appears, listing the fields.
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Add Criteria to the Query 1 Double-click the query in the Navigation pane to open it.
Note: If it is not visible, click the at the top of the pane, choose Object Type and locate the query under the Queries heading.
Click the View button to switch to Design view. Click in the Criteria field and type the data that you want to view. Click the View button again to switch back to Datasheet view to see the results. The table shows only the records matching the criteria.
You can add another table to the query. Switch to Design view, click the Design tab on the Ribbon and then click the Show Table button.This opens the Show Table dialog box, where you can add another table to the query and choose from among the available fields to customise the query.