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Click OK in the dialog boxes to close them.
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Suppose you want to edit a paragraph in your document that contains a specific word or phrase. Instead of scrolling through your document to locate that paragraph, you can use Word s Find tool to search for the word or phrase in the paragraph. In addition, you can use the Replace tool to replace instances of a word or phrase with other text. For example, suppose you complete a long report, only to discover that you have misspelled the name of a product you are reviewing; you can use the Replace tool to locate and correct the misspellings.
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Find Text 1 Click at the beginning of your document.
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Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the Find button.
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The Navigation pane appears.
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Type the text that you want to find and press .
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Word searches the document and highlights occurrences of the text. Word also lists occurrences of the text in the Navigation pane.
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Click an entry in the Navigation pane.
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Word selects the corresponding text in the document.
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When finished, click the Navigation pane s button.
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Replace Text 1 Click at the beginning of your document.
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Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the Replace button.
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The Find and Replace dialog box opens with the Replace tab shown.
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In the Find what field, type the text that you want to find. Type the replacement text in the Replace with field. Click Find Next.
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Word locates the first occurrence.
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Click Replace to replace the occurrence.
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To replace every occurrence in the document, you can click Replace All.
When finished, click Cancel.
Click More in the Find and Replace dialog box to reveal additional search options. For example, you can search for matching text case, whole words and more. You can also search for specific formatting or special characters by clicking Format or Special. To search for text and delete it, type the text you want to delete in the Find What field and leave the Replace With field empty. When you activate the search, Word looks for the text and deletes it without adding new text to the document.
Note: If Word displays a prompt box when the last occurrence is found, click OK.
Word automatically checks for spelling and grammar errors. Misspellings appear underlined with a red wavy line and grammar errors are underlined with a green wavy line. In addition, you can use Word s Spelling and Grammar Check features to review your document for spelling and grammatical errors and to fix any errors that are detected. Of course, these features are no substitute for good proofreading with your own eyes. They can catch some errors, but not all!
Correct a Mistake 1 When you encounter a spelling or grammar problem, right-click the underlined text.
The menu that appears shows possible corrections.
Click a correction from the menu.
To ignore the error, click Ignore; click Ignore All for all instances of the error. To add the word to the built-in dictionary, click Add to Dictionary.
Run the Spell-Checker 1 Click the Review tab on the Ribbon.
Click the Spelling & Grammar button.
To check only a section of your document, select the section before activating the spell check.
Word searches the document for any mistakes.
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If Word finds an error, it flags it in the document and displays the Spelling and Grammar dialog box.
Click Change to make a correction.
To correct all misspellings of this word, click Change All. To ignore the error this time, click Ignore Once. To ignore every occurrence, click Ignore All or Ignore Rule.
When the spell check is complete, a prompt box appears.
Click OK.
Turn Off Automatic Spelling and Grammar
Click the File tab and then click Options. In the Word Options dialog box, click the Proofing tab. Under the When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word options, click to deselect Check spelling as you type. Click to deselect Mark grammar errors as you type.
Click OK to exit the Word Options dialog box. Word turns off the automatic checking features.
As you may have noticed, Word automatically corrects your text as you type. It does this using its AutoCorrect feature, which works from a preset list of misspellings. To speed up your text-entry tasks, you can add your own problem words ones you commonly misspell to the list. The next time you mistype the word, AutoCorrect fixes your mistake for you. If you find that AutoCorrect consistently changes a word that is correct, you can remove that word from the AutoCorrect list. If you would prefer that AutoCorrect not make any changes to your text as you type, you can disable the feature.
Click the File tab.
Click Options.
To prevent AutoCorrect from replacing text as you type, open the AutoCorrect dialog box, click the AutoCorrect tab and deselect the Replace text as you type check box. Click OK to apply your changes.
The Word Options dialog box appears.
Click Proofing. Click AutoCorrect Options. The AutoCorrect dialog box appears, displaying the AutoCorrect tab.
Type a common misspelling in the Replace text field. Type the correct spelling in the With text field. Click Add. AutoCorrect adds the word to the list.
Click OK to exit the AutoCorrect dialog box. Click OK to exit the Word Options dialog box. The next time you misspell the word, AutoCorrect corrects it for you.