Using Data-Bound Web Controls in .NET

Use QR-Code in .NET Using Data-Bound Web Controls
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<tr style= color: white; background-color: black > <th>ID</th> <th>Last</th> <th>First</th> <th>Salary</th> </tr> </headertemplate> <itemtemplate> <tr> <td align= right > <%# string.Format( {0:D4} ,Container.DataItem.EID ) %> </td> <td align= left > <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, LastName ) %> </td> <td align= left > <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, FirstName ) %> </td> <td align= right > <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, Salary , {0:C} ) %> </td> </tr> </itemtemplate> <alternatingitemtemplate> <tr style= background-color: silver > <td align= right > <%# string.Format( {0:D4} ,Container.DataItem.EID ) %> </td> <td align= left > <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, LastName ) %> </td> <td align= left > <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, FirstName ) %> </td> <td align= right > <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, Salary , {0:C} ) %> </td> </tr> </alternatingitemtemplate> <footertemplate> </table> </footertemplate> </asp:Repeater>
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Notice that the data binding for the EID is different from the others. This is because the EID was not created as a property. In the class, the EID was created as a public, read-only variable. If an attempt were made to use the same syntax as the LastName, FirstName, and Salary properties, an error would be generated, stating that the Employee class does not have an EID property. The output is shown in Figure 6.4.
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Using Data-Bound Web Controls
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Figure 6.4 Creating a table with the Repeater control.
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The previous Repeater examples have shown how the use of templates can give the Repeater control lots of flexibility. The biggest problem is that the programmer is doing most of the work.
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DataList Control
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The DataList control offers more functionality than the Repeater control. The DataControl has a property called RepeatLayout that can be set to Flow or Table. When this property is set to Table (the default), the DataList displays items from a data source by automatically creating a table with a cell for each item. The item refers to a repeating row in the data source. The cells can be configured to display horizontally or vertically, with a configurable quantity of column cells per row. The developer s job is to provide the presentation of the cell, which will hold one of the repeating items from the data source. The DataList control provides the calls to the appropriate templates. If the RepeatLayout property is set to Flow, the DataList displays items from the data source by creating a span element to hold each item. The items can still be configured to be displayed horizontally or vertically with a configurable quantity of columns per row. The DataList provides the following properties that have already been defined in this chapter and can be set in the Visual Studio .NET designer or in code:
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DataSource DataMember
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In addition, the DataList contains several properties that have not yet been defined. Table 6.4 contains a list of each of the properties along with their description.
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Table 6.4 Additional DataList Properties DESCIPTION Changeable value that contains the name of the field that will contain the unique identifier of the row. In database terminology, this would be the primary key. Changeable value that contains the amount of space between the content of the table cell and the border of the cell. Changeable value that contains the space between cells. Changeable value that contains the index number of the current item that is being edited. This property will contain -1 if no item is being edited. Changeable value used to determine if the asp:tables should be merged into the table that is created by the DataList. This only works with asp:tables. When this setting is true, every template that is implemented must contain a well formed asp:table. All of the asp:tables will be merged together. Any other content will be disposed. When true, The RepeatColumns, RepeatDirection, and RepeatDirection properties are disabled. Changeable value containing the grid settings for the table. Possible values are none, Horizontal, Vertical, or both. Changeable value containing the quantity of columns to be displayed. The default is zero, which means that repeating columns is turned off. Changeable value that indicates whether the repeating items in the data source displays horizontally or vertically. Changeable value indicating whether the output of each item should treated as a table or flow. When set to table, the DataList automatically builds a table for displaying its output. When set to flow, the DataList builds its output without a table.
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