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The constructor is always a sub and has the name New. In this example, the only way to create an instance of the Car class is to pass a VIN into the constructor. This example fulfills the requirements of encapsulation (protecting data integrity) without using a property. If a variable is created as ReadOnly, the variable can only be changed on the same line as the variable declaration or in the constructor. After the constructor executes, the variable becomes ReadOnly. Overloaded Constructors Just as methods may be overloaded, constructors may be overloaded. Overloading constructors does not require the use of the overloads keyword. For example, in addition to the custom constructor shown in the previous example, there could also be a requirement for a custom constructor that allows the VIN and Model to be assigned when Car is being instantiated.
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Public Class Car Public ReadOnly VIN As String Public ReadOnly Model As String Public Sub New(ByVal VIN As String) Me.VIN = VIN End Sub Public Sub New(ByVal VIN As String, ByVal Model As String) Me.VIN = VIN Me.Model = Model End Sub End Class Create a new Car instance Dim c As New Car( 123-ABC-335 , Corvette )
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Me Keyword
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The last two code examples used the keyword Me. Me refers to the current instance of the class whose code is currently running. In the previous examples, Me is required because the variables called VIN and Model are defined in two locations: at the class level and at the constructor argument level. When VIN is referred to inside the constructor, the closest VIN variable (constructor argument) is used. To access the VIN that is defined at the class level, Me.VIN is used.
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Shared Methods and Variables
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When working with classes, it s common to create a variable and assign a new instance of a class to the variable as follows:
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Dim x as new Car()
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The .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET Object Programming
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As each instance of a Car class is created, there is an isolated copy of instance data, such as VIN, Make, Model, Year, and Mileage. There are some situations in which common data is required, such as a data element that represents the count of Car instances. The count is related to the Car class, so placing a variable inside that Car class makes sense. Common data may be represented in the Car class by creating a shared variable. The follow code is an example of a private shared variable called _count, a public shared property called Count, and a public shared method called IncrementCount.
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Public Class Car Private Shared _count As Integer Public Shared Property Count() As Integer Get Return _count End Get Set(ByVal Value As Integer) _count = Value End Set End Property Public Shared Sub IncrementCount() _count += 1 add 1 to the count End Sub End Class
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The public shared members are accessible by using the class name, for example Car.Count and Car.IncrementCount( ), since shared members do not belong to a Car instance.
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A class that inherits from another class receives the members of the base class. Figure 4.11 shows an example of inheritance using Unified Modeling Language (UML) with a Vehicle class that inherits from the Object class, and a Motorcycle class that inherits from the Vehicle class. After creating a Motorcycle instance called m, the variable m has all of the derived members. Microsoft IntelliSense is smart enough to display all available members. This type of inheritance is sometime referred to as is-a inheritance. In this example, a Vehicle is-a Object, and a Motorcycle is-a Vehicle. The Vehicle class contains all of the members that are common to a vehicle. When Motorcycle is derived from the Vehicle class, the only extra members that are needed are the members that are unique to the Motorcycle class.
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