Visual Basic .NET Object-Oriented Programming in .NET

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Visual Basic .NET Object-Oriented Programming
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The .NET Framework consists of many classes, but there is always a need to develop classes that are specific to the solution that is being created. This section takes a look at object-oriented programming using Visual Basic .NET.
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A class represents a grouping of behaviors and attributes that make up an entity. Classifying items is something that human beings do all the time. This involves looking at common attributes and behaviors. For instance, a car is an item that has four wheels, an engine, and an enclosure (body), and that transports people on a road. When creating a classification, or a class, you must think about the attributes and behaviors that are important to the solution that is being created. This is done through the concept of abstraction.
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The concept of abstraction involves making the decision on what attributes and behaviors are important. This is done through the process of selective cognizance or selective ignorance. What is important to the solution that is being created If the solution that is being created is a race car game, a car class may contain current speed and Revolutions per Minute (RPM) attributes. If, however, the solution that is being provided is a maintenance tracking program for cars, current speed and RPM are not required, but last oil change date and odometer readings are required. When creating new classes, decide what attributes and behaviors are important, and add them to them class. There is no need to have an attribute if the solution never uses it.
The .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET Object Programming
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Class Creation
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In its simplest form, a class can be created in Visual Basic .NET by using the following syntax:
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Class Car End Class
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This class has no apparent behavior or attributes, but it is a class. Some languages, including older versions of Visual Basic, required each class to be in its own file. This is not the case with Visual Basic .NET. Many classes can be created in the same file. From a maintenance perspective, it s usually good to place each major class and its helper classes in the same file.
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Class Visibility Modifiers
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When a class is created, it is usually desirable to place a constraint on the visibility of the class. Table 4.2 contains a list of the visibility modifiers, or access modifiers, that can be placed on a class.
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Classes that are created with no visibility modifier default to Friend.
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Table 4.2
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Entity Visibility Modifiers DESCRIPTION The entity is globally available. There are no restrictions on the use of public entities. A private entity is only accessible from within the block of code in which it was declared, including nested entities. Private can only be used as a class visibility modifier when working with nested classes. A protected entity is accessible only from within its own class or from a derived class. Protected access can be specified only on members of classes. It is not a superset of Friend access. Protected can only be used as a class visibility modifier when working with nested classes. An entity that is accessible only within the program that contains the entity declaration. An entity that has the union of Protected and Friend accessibility. Protected Friend can only be used as a class visibility modifier when working with nested classes.
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Friend Protected Friend
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Notice that there are only two visibility modifier selections for classes that are not nested: Public and Friend. An example of a class that uses a visibility modifier follows:
Public Class Car End Class
Working with Class Members
When creating classes, class members such as events, methods, fields, and properties need to be defined for a class to be a meaningful entity. Fields A field is a memory variable that is defined at the class level. The field can be created with the same visibility modifiers as the class, as shown in Table 4.2.