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1. Click Tools, Options, Environment, Task List. 2. In the Name text box, type CleanupRequired. 3. Set the priority to High. 4. Click Add, and then click OK. 5. Test your comment token by opening one of your Web pages in Code View mode and typing a comment like the following:
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CleanupRequired Need to replace magic numbers with constants.
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6. Open the Task List by clicking View, Show Tasks, All. You should see your new task in the Task List. Exploring the Show All Files Button You will use the Show All Files button to see the files that are normally hidden. 1. If the Solution Explorer is not visible, open it by clicking View, Solution Explorer. 2. Try to locate the bin folder. Notice that it is not visible. 3. Click the Show All Files button in the Solution Explorer. If you don t know which button this is, move the mouse over each button to see its ToolTip. 4. Locate the bin folder. It is visible. 5. If there are no files in the bin folder, click Build, Build Solution. You should see the DLL that is created for your project and its .pdb (debugger) file. Creating an ASP.NET with Visual Basic .NET Help Filter In this section, you will try searching with no Help filter. You will then create an ASP.NET with Visual Basic Help filter that you can use. Finally, you will try the original search using your new Help filter. 1. Search for Cache topics. Click Help, Search. 2. Type Caching in the Look For text box. 3. Verify that the filter is set to (no filter), and click OK. Notice that more than 500 topics are returned, relating to many different subjects that have the Caching keyword. If you look at the first 10 topics, they relate to SQL Server, Proxy Server, and ASP.NET. 4. Click Help, Edit Filters to create a new filter. 5. Click New to create a new Help filter. Notice that the filter definition is empty.
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Solutions, Projects, and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
6. Update the topics that are available by clicking Calculate. 7. Locate and click the option called List of Available Attributes and their Values, to view the list. 8. Click Language, Visual Basic (VB). 9. Click Product, Visual Studio (VS). 10. Click Technology, ASP.NET. Your filter definition should look like this:
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( Technology = ASPNET ) OR ( Product = VS ) OR ( DevLang = VB )
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11. Click Save, and label the filter ASP.NET Using VB. 12. Search for Caching again, but set the Help filter to your new Help filter. Notice that less than 200 topics are displayed. Notice that the first 10 (and more) topics are all related to ASP.NET. You can increase your productivity by creating many Help filters in Visual Studio .NET.
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The creation of solutions and projects using the default settings will place Web projects in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder, which does not lend itself to creating a directory structure that can be built upon. A custom directory structure can be created manually, and the project directories can be Web shared through Windows Explorer or Internet Information Services. After the Web shares are created, you can use Visual Studio .NET to create your projects. After the solution and projects are created in Visual Studio .NET, they can be added to Visual SourceSafe. It is best to create the Visual SourceSafe folder structure before adding the projects to ensure their proper creation. Visual Studio .NET provides a large amount of information and components via numerous windows. Many of the windows are customizable, and support drag-and-drop functionality. Visual Studio .NET provides a great amount of Help, which can become intimidating. With custom Help filters, you can narrow the scope of your searches to topic-by-topic responses. Searching topic by topic across sets of Help documentation is possible because every topic contains a set of attributes relating to programming language, locale, status, target operating system, technology covered, information type, and document set.
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