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Dim dr As DataRow = dt.NewRow() dr.Item(0) = stringValue dt.Rows.Add(dr) Next Return dt End Function <WebMethod(Description:= _ Returns an string array of colors that can be used )> _ Public Function LoadColors() As String() Return System.Enum.GetNames(GetType(KnownColor)) End Function <WebMethod(Description:= _ Returns an string array of fonts that can be used )> _ Public Function LoadFontFamily() As String() Dim b As New Bitmap(1, 1) Dim g As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(b) Dim a As New ArrayList() Dim arFamily() As FontFamily = FontFamily.GetFamilies(g) Dim x As Integer Dim FontFamilyList(arFamily.Length - 1) As String For x = 0 To arFamily.Length - 1 FontFamilyList(x) = arFamily(x).Name Next Return FontFamilyList End Function <WebMethod(Description:= _ Returns an string array of font styles that can be used )> _ Public Function LoadFontStyles() As String() Return System.Enum.GetNames(GetType(FontStyle)) End Function <WebMethod(Description:= _ Returns an string array of font sizes that can be used )> _ Public Function LoadFontSizes() As String() Dim startSize As Integer = 6 Dim endSize As Integer = 100 Dim FontSizeList(endSize - startSize) As String Dim X As Integer For X = 0 To endSize - startSize FontSizeList(X) = (startSize + X).ToString() Next Return FontSizeList End Function
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Each helper method is exposed as a Web method, which simplifies the task of populating drop-down boxes with valid data. Most of these methods return an array of strings, except the LoadSettings method. The LoadSettings method will execute each of the other load methods and populate a dataset with this information, which can be returned to the client as a single call. The MakeTable method is a helper method for the LoadSettings method and does not need to be exposed as a Web method.
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Creating Web Services
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The last Web method is the RenderText method. This method requires parameters for the font, background and foreground color, font size, font style, and the text to render. In the following code, this method creates a bitmap and returns a string containing the URL to the bitmap. This bitmap will be cached for 10 minutes.
<WebMethod(Description:= <font color= #FF0000 ><b> + _ This is the main function.</b></font><br> + _ This returns an string containing the URL of the + _ image that has been rendered. The image URL is + _ cached for 10 minutes. )> _ Public Function RenderText(ByVal FontStyle As String, _ ByVal FontSize As String, _ ByVal FontFamily As String, _ ByVal ImageText As String, _ ByVal BackgroundColor As String, _ ByVal ForegroundColor As String) As String Dim imgBitmap As New Bitmap(1, 1) Dim fStyle As FontStyle fStyle = System.Enum.Parse(GetType(FontStyle), FontStyle) Dim fSize As Single fSize = Single.Parse(FontSize) Dim strFont As Font strFont = New Font(FontFamily, fSize, fStyle) Dim str As String = ImageText Dim cBackground As Color cBackground = Color.FromName(BackgroundColor) Dim cForeground As Color cForeground = Color.FromName(ForegroundColor) Get the size of the text string. If str = Then str = No text defined. Dim g As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(imgBitmap) Dim strSize As Size strSize = g.MeasureString(str, strFont).ToSize() Create the bitmap. imgBitmap = New Bitmap(strSize.Width, strSize.Height) g = Graphics.FromImage(imgBitmap) g.Clear(cBackground) g.DrawString(str, strFont, New SolidBrush(cForeground), 0, 0) Dim imgGuid As String imgGuid = GUID.NewGuid().ToString() imgGuid = imgGuid.Replace( - , ) Context.Cache.Insert(imgGuid, imgBitmap, Nothing, _ DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10), Nothing) Dim url As String If Context.Request.ServerVariables( https ) = off Then url = http:// Else url = https:// End If
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url &= Context.Request.ServerVariables( HTTP_HOST ) url &= Context.Request.ApplicationPath() url &= /ImageURL.aspx Return url & ImageID= & imgGuid End Function End Class
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The RenderText method creates the image based on the parameters that have been passed into the method. 11, Working with GDI+ and Images, contains a more detailed explanation of the rendering process. Once the bitmap has been created, a Globally Unique ID (GUID) is created to represent this image. The dashes were removed from the GUID since they only add more length to the URL. The image is cached for 10 minutes. The last section of this method creates the URL to the cached bitmap.
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