The Role of Web Services in .NET

Implementation QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in .NET The Role of Web Services
The Role of Web Services
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A Web server is to a user as a Web service is to a Web application. A user browses to a Web server, looking for information. The Web server content
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Creating Web Services
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provides an interactive experience to the user, but ultimately provides data to the user. The Web service provides data to the Web application, but the Web application is interested in specific data, so there is no need to provide an interactive experience to the Web application. Although a Web browser could communicate to a Web service, usually the application communicates to the Web service. This section examines some ways that Web services are implemented with today s applications.
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Business Scenarios
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It is important to understand the benefits that a Web service can provide. In its simplest form, a Web service can provide a single function to a client, such as the calculation of sales tax in an e-commerce application. Because dealing with issues such as changes to tax codes can be time-consuming and costly to a company, such tasks may be best left to a company that focuses on these issues and is responsive to changes. Ideally, companies that wish to get sales tax calculations could send an XML message across the Internet to a tax calculation Web service, and the Web service could respond with an XML message that contains the amount of sales tax to charge. Web services can be used in a departmental fashion in the corporate intranet. Different departments may expose data via a Web service, and complete applications may be built by simply gluing the Web service pieces together. A Web service can also act as a node in a workflow application. Products such as Microsoft BizTalk Server provide much of the glue that enables longrunning transactions across many computers, and Web services can provide a seamless connection to BizTalk Server.
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Show Me the Money
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One way to ensure the success of Web services is to make sure that they can be used to make money. If a company can find a way to make money with a technology, then the technology can succeed. Money can be made with Web services by charging subscriber fees or pay per use fees. It s easy to log the usage by customer and charge a periodic fee based on the usage of the Web service.
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Web Service Basics
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Web services provide a method for one application to communicate with another application, leveraging existing technologies and protocols. On the Windows platform, Internet Information Server (IIS) can be used to host a Web
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service, and the authentication, encryption (SSL), and load-balancing technologies that are built into Internet Information Server can be used with Web services. A typical Web application might use Web services to acquire data from another source that can be consumed by the Web application, as shown in Figure 16.1. Note that Web services are not just for Web applications. Windows and Console applications can also consume Web services. Several steps are involved in creating and consuming a Web service. The following steps help identify the big picture and are covered in detail in this chapter (see Figure 16.2). 1. Build the Web service by creating a Visual Studio .NET Web service project. 2. Advertise the Web service in a UDDI (Universal Description Discovery Integration) directory. 3. Locate a Web service by querying the UDDI directory. 4. Get the Web service description in the form of a Web service Description Language (WSDL, pronounced as wiz-dill) document. 5. Build a proxy at the client by using the WSDL document data. 6. Call the Web service using the SOAP protocol over HTTP. 7. Process the returned data from the Web service using SOAP over HTTP.
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