Lab 15.1: Creating a Visual Basic .NET Data Component in .NET

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Lab 15.1: Creating a Visual Basic .NET Data Component
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In this lab, you create a Visual Basic .NET component that can be reused in many applications. This component is installed into the Global Assembly Cache, and configured to be available from the .NET tab of the Add Reference dialog box. Adding the DataComponent Project In this section, you add a new Visual Basic .NET Class Library project to the existing solution. This project compiles to a .dll file. 1. To start this lab, open the OrderEntrySystemSolution from Lab 14.1. Right-click the OrderEntrySystemSolution in the Solution Explorer, and click Check Out. 2. Right-click on the OrderEntrySystemSolution, and click Add, New Project. For the project name, type DataComponent. Be sure to verify that the project is located under the OrderEntrySystemSolution folder. 3. Rename Class1.vb to Db.vb, and open the class file. Rename Class1 to Db. 4. Add the Imports System.Data.SqlClient statement to the top of the code. 5. In the Db class, add a method called ExecuteDataSet. This method requires parameters for the connection, command type, and command text, and an array of command parameters. The return type is a DataSet. 6. In the body of the ExecuteDataSet function, add code to create a new SqlCommand. Assign the connection, command type, and the command text to the command. 7. Execute a call to a method that hasn t been defined yet, called AddParameters. This method requires the command and the parameter array as arguments.
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8. In the ExecuteDataSet method, create a new DataSet and SqlDataAdapter. Fill the dataset and return the dataset. The completed code should look like the following:
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Public Shared Function ExecuteDataSet( _ ByVal cn As SqlConnection, _ ByVal cmdType As CommandType, _ ByVal cmdText As String, _ ByVal ParamArray prm() As SqlParameter) As DataSet Dim cmd As New SqlCommand(cmdText, cn) cmd.CommandType = cmdType AddParameters(cmd, prm) Dim ds As New DataSet() Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter(cmd) da.Fill(ds) Return ds End Function
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9. Add a new method called AddParameter, that requires parameters for the command and array of parameters. This method does not return a value. 10. In the AddParameter method, add code to test the parameter array to see if it is Nothing, and return if so. Add a loop that adds each parameter in the array to the command object s collection of parameters. The code should look like the following:
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Private Shared Sub AddParameters( _ ByVal cmd As SqlCommand, _ ByVal prm() As SqlParameter) If prm Is Nothing Then Return End If Dim p As SqlParameter For Each p In prm cmd.Parameters.Add(p) Next End Sub
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11. Add overload to the ExecuteDataSet method that requires only a connection and the command text. Rather than rewrite the code, this method should call the method that has already been written. The code should like the following:
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Public Shared Function ExecuteDataSet( _ ByVal cn As SqlConnection, _ ByVal cmdText As String) As DataSet Return ExecuteDataSet( _ cn, CommandType.Text, cmdText, Nothing) End Function
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12. Build the project and save your work.
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Building and Versioning .NET Components
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Testing the DataComponent Before adding DataComponent to the Global Assembly Cache, the assembly is tested by rewriting the ProductList.aspx page. After the DataComponent is working, you add it to the Global Assembly Cache, and add the Registry entry to expose the DataComponent in the .NET tab of the add references. 1. Right-click the Inventory project in the Solution Explorer, and click Set As Startup Project. 2. Right-click the ProductList.aspx page, and click Set As Start Page. 3. Right-click the References node in the Inventory project, and click Add Reference. Add a reference to the DataComponent project. 4. Open the ProductList.aspx.vb code-behind page. Add the Imports System.Data.SqlData directive to the top of the page. 5. Notice that the BindProducts method has an if statement that checks to see whether the session variable called Products exists. If the session variable does not exist, an ArrayList is populated and assigned to the session variable. 6. Comment the code that is inside the if statement. 7. Inside the if statement, add code to create a DataSet called Products, and assign it to the session variable called Products. The data is retrieved from the Products table of the Northwind database. Be sure to use the new DataComponent. Your BindProducts method should look like the following:
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Public Sub BindProducts() If Session( Products ) Is Nothing Then Dim Products As New ArrayList() Products.Add(New Beverage(1, Milk )) Products.Add(New Beverage(2, Juice )) Products.Add(New Beverage(3, Cola )) Products.Add(New Confection(4, Ice Cream )) Products.Add(New Confection(5, Cake )) Products.Add(New Confection(6, Candy )) Dim b As BaseProduct For Each b In Products b.UnitPrice = 100 b.UnitsInStock = Rnd() * 10 Next Dim cn As New SqlConnection( _ server=.;database=northwind; _ & trusted_connection=true ) Dim sql As String
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