Performance Tuning and Application Instrumentation in .NET

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Performance Tuning and Application Instrumentation
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Performance Tuning in a Development Environment
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Performance tuning is the process of running specific tests on isolated parts of the software, making changes to the software, and rerunning the tests in an effort to identify bottlenecks and increase the performance of the software. Many types of performance tuning can be done in the development environment, because many of the tests are relative tests. This means that each test is meant to identify whether the performance increased or decreased with each test. It would be difficult to perform Web farm performance tuning in a development environment, because most development environments don t have Web farms. On the other hand, it s easy to test the relative performance of a Web page on the developer s machine. The developer can test changes to the Web page code to obtain the fastest relative performance of the Web page. Performance tuning in a development environment is not meant to identify the quantity of users that the Web site can handle, but successful performance tuning in the development environment increases the quantity of users that the Web site can handle.
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Identifying Bottlenecks
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Identifying bottlenecks is the process of interpreting load test data and investigating system performance in an effort to locate the slowest parts of the system. Eliminating a bottleneck can result in substantial gains in performance to the overall system. Locating bottlenecks in a development environment can be difficult at best. The problem is that a bottleneck in the development environment may not be a bottleneck in the production environment. For example, a bottleneck may exist when communicating to the SQL Server database. This may be due to the type of hardware that the developers are using, the bandwidth that is available, or the quantity of users. Most of these bottlenecks will not exist in the production environment. There may be different bottlenecks in the product environment. In every case, when a bottleneck is identified, it should be documented and the software should be optimized to get the best possible performance. In cases where tuning requires hardware modification or trade-offs, it s better to document and retest within the proper environment.
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Proper load and performance testing requires the establishment of a baseline, and revisiting the baseline after changes have been made. This is the only way to identify whether a change to the system has had an impact on performance.
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Performance and Instrumentation Tools
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This section identifies some of the tools that are available within Visual Studio .NET. The first part of this section covers some of the classes that are in the System.Diagnostics namespace, such as Debug and Trace. These tools are useful when logging data that can be evaluated to identify potential bottlenecks.
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The System.dll file contains the Debug class, which can be used to obtain information when running an application that has been compiled using the debug switch. The use of the Debug class requires the application to be compiled with the /d:DEBUG=True switch. In Visual Studio .NET, this can be done by clicking the project in the Solution Explorer, and then clicking Build, Configuration Manager, Debug. When the application is compiled for release, the debug code is not included in the compiled application. By default, the debug information is written to the Visual Studio .NET output window. This can be changed to send the information to a stream with the use of trace listeners, as shown in Figure 14.1.
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Assert is used to test a condition, and if the condition evaluates to false, the assertion message will be output. The following code is an example of using debug.assert to check a counter and display a message in the Visual Studio .NET output window.
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Debug.Assert(Count <> 0, Count=0 Error , _ Count must not be 0 because the Count will be used for division. )
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The output of this code shows up in the Visual Studio .NET output window, and looks like the following:
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---- DEBUG ASSERTION FAILED ------- Assert Short Message ---Count=0 Error ---- Assert Long Message ---Count must not be 0 because Count is the denominator in next function. at WebForm1.Button1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) D:\AspDotNetBook\Book\ASP.NET Performance Tuning\Ch14Web\WebForm1.aspx.vb(31) at Button.OnClick(EventArgs e) at Button.System.Web.UI.IPostBackEventHandler.RaisePostBackEvent (String eventArgument) at Page.RaisePostBackEvent(IPostBackEventHandler sourceControl,
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