This example requests a minimum UIPermission for AllWindows and NoClipboard. in .NET

Build Denso QR Bar Code in .NET This example requests a minimum UIPermission for AllWindows and NoClipboard.
This example requests a minimum UIPermission for AllWindows and NoClipboard.
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<Assembly:PermissionSet( _ SecurityAction.RequestOptional, _ Unrestricted:=false)>
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This code optionally requests no access. This means that this assembly does not receive any permissions other that the permissions that were minimally requested.
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Exception Handling
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Using security requires exception handling to be added to code in order to gracefully handle any potential security exception that may be thrown. Exception handling can be done with try/catch blocks, as shown in the following code:
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Imports System.Security Imports System.IO Dim fs As FileStream Try fs = New FileStream( C:\myFile.txt ,FileMode.Create) Catch xcp As SecurityException Display error message. Response.Write( Security Exception: & xcp.Message ) End Try
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Site Security
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Security Policy Administration
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The Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration (Mscorcfg.msc) tool can be used to review and change the security policies. This tool is located under Administrative Tools. Figure 13.24 shows the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration tool. This tool has a node called the Runtime Security Policy, which contains a node for Enterprise, Machine, and User policy settings. Each of these nodes has Code Groups, Permission Sets, and Policy Assemblies nodes. Figure 13.24 shows the Machine node, and its subnodes, fully opened. The Code Groups node has one top level code group, called All_Code. A glance at the properties of this node reveals that the Membership Condition to this code group is All Code. This means that all assemblies are a member of this group. The permission set for this node is Nothing, which means that no permissions are assigned at this level. Since there is a match at this level, the security system searches for membership in subnodes as well. Under the All Code node is a node for each of the zones, which represents the location of the assembly that is to be evaluated. If the assembly is located on the computer, the assembly is a member of the My_Computer_Zone. The Permission Set for this node is Full Trust, which means that an assembly that is located on the local computer has full trust.
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Figure 13.24 The Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration tool.
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Under the My_Computer_Zone are two more nodes, Microsoft_Strong_ Name and ECMA_Strong_Name. Membership to these nodes is based on the assembly having a specific public key. The permission set for these nodes is Full Trust. These permissions are UNIONed with the permissions that the assembly has already acquired. As it turns out, the My_Computer_Zone is already assigned Full Trust, but if these permissions were reduced at this node, Microsoft and ECMA strong-named assemblies would still receive Full Trust. The permissions that are granted finally are not based simply on the Machine node. These permissions must be INTERSECTed with the Enterprise and User policy settings. As it turns out, the default settings for these groups are Full Trust. This means that by default, the Machine node settings are the permissions that are finally granted.
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Testing Code Access Security
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To test Code Access Security, a new code group, called Ch13Test, has been created under the Machine s All_Code/My_Computer_Zone node. This membership condition for this group is set to URL, and the URL is set to the following location:
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file://D:/AspDotNetBook/Book/ASPdotNet Security/Ch13Web/bin/TestAccess.dll
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This is the location of a .dll file to which the Web site has a reference. On the next screen, a new permission set is created, called ch13permission. The permission set has Security added, with Enable Assembly Execution and Assert any permission that has been granted selected. This permission set also has FileIO added, with c:\xml read permissions added. The TestAccess class has the following code:
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Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.Security.Permissions Imports System.Security Public Class TestClass Public Function GetData() As DataSet Dim ds As New DataSet() ds.ReadXml( C:\xml\myfruit.xml ) Return ds End Function End Class
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Site Security
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A page on the Web site contains a Button and a DataGrid. The Button s click event method contains the following code to get the myfruit.xml file and display it in the grid.
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Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.Security.Permissions Public Class WebForm2 Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Protected WithEvents btnGetData As _ System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button Protected WithEvents DataGrid1 As _ System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGrid Public Sub GetData() Dim c As New TestAccess.TestClass() DataGrid1.DataSource = c.GetData() DataBind() End Sub Private Sub btnGetData_Click( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles btnGetData.Click GetData() End Sub End Class
This code should be able to make a call to populate the grid, as shown in Figure 13.25. The myfruit.xml file was read into a DataSet, and the DataSet was returned to the Web page, and bound to the grid. If the myfruit.xml file is moved to c:\myfruit.xml, the code should not be able to run, as shown in Figure 13.26. This throws a security exception, stating that there is a FileIOPermission problem.