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Session State Data
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Session variables were also available with traditional ASP and are still available using ASP.NET. Session variables store data that needs to be shared across requests to the server. This data might be a user s shopping cart, the ID of the current user, or even the user s preferences. The HttpContext exposes the Session property, which is an instance of the HttpSessionState class. The HttpSessionState exposes a dictionary of key-value pairs. There is an instance of the HttpSessionState for each user who has an active session within the Web application. A common method of accessing the HttpSessionState is through the Session property of the Page. This allows the user to simply type the following:
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Session( Test )= This is a test.
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This syntax is the same as was used in previous versions of ASP. Retrieving the session variable is a bit different though. The session variable always returns a data type of object, so the following code can be used to retrieve the data that was stored in the previous example.
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Dim str as string str = Ctype(Session( Test ),String)
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A session has a 120-bit SessionID assigned, which contains characters that can be placed into a URL, if necessary. The SessionID also has uniqueness to ensure that two sessions do not collide. To prevent malicious attacks, the SessionID is generated with a degree of randomness. This keeps a would-be hacker from retrieving a SessionID and simply adding or subtracting one to get someone else s SessionID. The SessionID is typically placed on the user s machine in the form of a cookie. It is also possible to configure an ASP.NET Web application to place the SessionID in the URL, which works with browsers that don t support cookies. Session variables have always been a compelling choice because of their ease of use. The problem is that the previous version of ASP did not support sessions across a Web farm or Web garden. As a result, many developers have suffered the consequences of choosing to use session variables when a single-server Web application required additional servers to accommodate the user load. With ASP.NET, the session infrastructure has been changed significantly. The developer can start with maintaining session data in memory, and can simply change the configuration as needed to accommodate the demands of the Web site. The configuration for session management is stored in the Web.config file within the Web application. The following section is the default configuration for session management.
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<sessionState mode= InProc stateConnectionString= tcpip= sqlConnectionString= data source=;user id=sa;password= cookieless= false timeout= 20 />
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The mode attribute can be set to either InProc, StateServer, SQLServer, or none. The InProc setting is the same as traditional session state management, where the session data is stored in the same process as the Web application and does not support Web farms and gardens. With this mode, if the Web service needs to be reset (iisreset), all session data is destroyed. The number one reason to use this option is performance. The StateServer option provides compatibility with Web farms and gardens by using a common server to manage session information for all servers that host the Web application. This can be done by starting the ASP.NET State Service on a machine and pointing all machines to this machine. To start the service, use either of the following commands from the command prompt:
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The State Service was installed as part of the .NET Framework SDK. If this service is used, the service should also be configured to start up automatically when the server is started. This can be done through Control Panel, Services. The Web.config file needs to be changed for the StateServer option to operate. The mode needs to be changed to StateServer, the stateConnectionString needs to be configured to be the same for all machines that share session state as follows:
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<sessionState mode= StateServer stateConnectionString= tcpip=MainServer:42424 sqlConnectionString= data source=;user id=sa;password= cookieless= false timeout= 20 />
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The StateServer option is compatible with Web farms and gardens, but is also a good choice for single server installations, where it may be necessary to reset IIS and it s important not to lose session state data. Be aware that the session data is still being stored in memory, but not in the Web application s process. The SQLServer option is very similar to the StateServer option, except the session data is sent to a SQL Server. This option is compatible with Web farms and gardens, but is not as fast as the other options. The mode is set to SQLServer, and
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