Working with GDI+ and Images in .NET

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Test File Uploading The File Field control can be tested by setting DocumentUpload.aspx as the start page and running the application. 1. Right-click the Customer project in the Solution Explorer. Click Set As StartUp Project. 2. Right-click the DocumentUpload.aspx page. Click Set As Start Page. 3. Run the application. The browser should prompt you to enter the validation code, as shown in Figure 11.14. 4. Upload some text and picture files. 5. After stopping the program, check the folder to verify that the files were saved properly.
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Figure 11.14 The validation screen. After entering the validation code, the upload panel will be displayed.
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When the browser sees an image tag, the browser knows that the content isn t included in the Web page. The browser must get the image that is at the URL of the image source. The pen is an object that is used to draw lines and curves. A brush is used to fill regions. The Graphics class is the class that provides all the methods for drawing on a display device. The Graphics object is related to the handle of a device context (HDC) that GDI used in the past, except the GDI+ Graphics object encapsulate this low-level functionality. GDI+ allows images to be drawn on the fly.
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Working with GDI+ and Images
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Review Questions
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1. What are two ways of displaying a thumbnail image 2. If a bitmap is stored in a database as a Windows Paintbrush (.bmp) file, how can it be retrieved and sent to a browser that only supports .gif and .jpg files 3. What s the difference between the Point and the PointF classes 4. What do the letters ARGB mean 5. What is the Graphics class used for 6. How can a bitmap be created that is the same size as a string of text that is to be written using Arial Black, 36-point font
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Answers to Review Questions
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1. Use the GetThumbNail method, or use the constructor of the Bitmap class. 2. Use the Save method of the Bitmap class to save to the Response.OutputStream as a Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg image type. 3. The Point class uses integers, whereas the PointF class uses floats. 4. Alpha, Red, Green, Blue. 5. The Graphics class contains a handle to the device context and provides methods for drawing. 6. Use the MeasureString method of the Graphics class.
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ASP.NET Applications
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One of the challenges involved with Web development is the sharing of data amongst many Web pages to make a collection of Web pages into a seamless Web application. Sharing data means sharing state. For example, on the customer page, an order is selected, which causes a new page to be displayed. The new page still knows who the customer is, and also knows which order is to be displayed. This is the sharing of state. Being able to treat a group of Web pages like an application also involves being able to access application- and session-level events. There may be objects that need to be initialized when the application starts, or when a session starts. Even from a security perspective, it makes sense to log on to an application, rather than logging on to every page. Security is covered in detail in the next chapter, but the need for security and defining the scope of a login are primary factors in justifying the need to treat a collection of Web pages as a Web application. It seems as though it should not be a big deal to share state. The Windows application on a user s desktop can share state seamlessly as many Windows forms are opened with an application. The problem is that there is a finite amount of resources that are available on a computer. Where the single-user machine needs to be concerned with only the currently logged on person, the
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