Working with GDI+ and Images in .NET

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Private Sub btnImage_Click( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.Web.UI.ImageClickEventArgs) _ Handles btnImage.Click Dim DrawPoints() As Point If Session( DrawPoints ) Is Nothing Then DrawPoints = New Point() {New Point(e.X, e.Y)} Else DrawPoints = CType(Session( DrawPoints ), Point()) ReDim Preserve DrawPoints(UBound(DrawPoints) + 1) DrawPoints(UBound(DrawPoints)) = New Point(e.X, e.Y) End If Session( DrawPoints ) = DrawPoints End Sub
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The PreRender code needs to be modified to include drawing lines to connect the points that were clicked. The first time that the user clicks, there is not enough information to be able to draw a line, so a dot is placed where the first click took place. Additional clicks cause lines to be added, drawing from point to point. The modified PreRender code is as follows:
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Private Sub Page_PreRender( _ ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles MyBase.PreRender Dim bmp As New Bitmap(700, 350) Dim bmpGraphics As Graphics bmpGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(bmp) bmpGraphics.Clear(Color.Yellow) Dim DrawPoints() As Point If Not Session( DrawPoints ) Is Nothing Then DrawPoints = CType(Session( DrawPoints ), Point()) If DrawPoints.Length = 1 Then bmpGraphics.DrawEllipse(New Pen(Color.Blue, 3), _ DrawPoints(0).X, DrawPoints(0).Y, 3, 3) Else bmpGraphics.DrawLines(New Pen(Color.Blue), DrawPoints) End If End If Session( btnImage ) = bmp btnImage.ImageUrl = Request.ServerVariables( SCRIPT_NAME ) _ & ImageID=btnImage End Sub
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Figure 11.9 shows the browser output after clicking various places on the btnImage control. Notice the use of the DrawEllipse method to draw a dot on the screen. The Graphics draw methods typically require a pen or brush. The
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Working with GDI+ and Images
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DrawEllipse requires a pen, so a new blue pen is created. To make sure that the dot is visible, the pen s width is set to 3. The height and width of the ellipse are also set to 3. If the array contains at least two points, the DrawLines method is executed. This method draws a line from point to point, using the specified pen. Some items that could be added are a DropDownList for the line color, a pen width setting, and a button to clear the array and start over.
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The .NET Framework provides support for working with fonts. This support carries over to ASP.NET. This section explores some of the font classes, and contains sample code for creating bitmaps containing text created on the fly.
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FontFamilies define a group of typefaces that have a distinct design, but may have variations, such as size, and FontStyles, such as bold and italic. A typical FontFamily is Arial, and another one is Courier. The FontFamilies class has a GetFamilies method, which returns an array of the FontFamily objects supported by a given Graphics context.
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Figure 11.9 The browser output when creating lines by clicking the btnImage control.
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Font Metrics
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When working with fonts, the font measurements are relative to the baseline, which is an imaginary line that all characters sit on. Characters such as g, q, j, and y drop below the baseline. The distance to the bottom of these characters is called the descent. Characters such as a, e, o, and u rise above the baseline to an imaginary line called the ascent. Uppercase characters, such as the M, N, S, and O rise higher to another imaginary line. The distance from the ascent to the top of the uppercase characters is called the leading distance. Figure 11.10 shows these font metrics.
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Before you can draw any text to a bitmap, you must create an instance of the Font class. The font is created from one of the FontFamilies and has a size and style.
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Creating a Text Bitmap on the Fly
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This example shows how to create a text bitmap on the fly and send it to the browser. This process is useful when a complex graphical menu has been created, and you need to write text on an existing bitmap, or supply a new bitmap with text. Another common use for this feature occurs when a Web site allows a new account to be created, and the Web administrator wants to ensure that an account can t be programmatically created. Imagine the problems that a hacker could cause by creating a program that adds millions of new users to someone s Web application. A unique ID can be generated and placed on a bitmap image, and the user would be prompted to read the ID and type it into a form for verification that the account is being created by a person. The bitmap could even have random lines through the image, just to make it more difficult for the would-be hacker. This page in this example contains several DropDownList boxes that will be populated by enumerating colors and FontFamilies. Figure 11.11 shows the Web page containing the controls. The DropDownList boxes and the TextBox have AutoPostBack turned on, which causes the bitmap to regenerate each time a change is made.
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