Folder Structure in .NET

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Folder Structure
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The examples in this chapter are built around an order entry system. This system comprises several projects. Before creating the first project, the folder structure needs to be created on the hard drive and in Visual SourceSafe. It is beneficial to have both folder structures match. Carefully consider the naming of files and folders for your system. If you need to rename a file or folder, it s doable, but very much discouraged. Visual SourceSafe (VSS) provides a facility for renaming files without losing your document history, but keep in mind that renaming files outside your version
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Solutions, Projects, and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
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control system will cause a break in the document s history in VSS. Also, the name of your Web project will be the name of the virtual directory that your users will navigate to. The name of non-Web projects, such as .exe projects, will become the name of the .exe file. When a Web project is created in Visual Studio, the project files will be located under c:\inetpub\wwwroot\projectname. This location may be suitable for quick tests, but it s more beneficial to create a folder structure that is more solution-centric. A typical solution folder structure for an order entry system that can be built upon is shown in Figure 2.1.
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Virtual Directory Creation
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After the folder structure is created, a virtual directory needs to be created in IIS for the customer, order, and inventory projects. The creation of the virtual directory accomplishes two tasks. First, the virtual directory will map to the physical directories that have been created. Second, the creation of a virtual directory creates an IIS Web application. The files that are in this folder and its subfolders are considered part of a Web application. This means that if a global variable (also known as an application variable) is created on one Web page in the Customer folder, the variable will be available on any other page that is in the Customer folder, or a subfolder of Customer.
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Virtual Directory via Web Sharing
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The easiest method of creating a Virtual Directory is via the Web Sharing tab in Windows Explorer. Right-click the folder and click Properties, Web Sharing, as shown in Figure 2.2.
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Local File Structure
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C:\Development OrderEntrySystem OrderEntryWebSolution Customer Order Inventory
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VSS File Structure
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$/Development OrderEntrySystem
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OrderEntryWebSolution Customer
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Order Inventory
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Figure 2.1 Folder structures for your hard drive and version control should match.
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Figure 2.2 Adding a virtual directory via Windows Explorer.
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The settings are as follows: General Settings Directory. Location of the folder that is being shared.
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Alias. Name of the virtual directory to be created. Visual Studio .NET expects the Alias to be the same as the folder name.
If you cannot see the Web Sharing tab, you don t have the proper permissions. Your account must be added to the VS Developers group.
Access Permissions Read. Write. Allows users to read the files that are in this folder. Allows users to make changes to the files that are in this folder.
Script Source Access. If the Read option is selected, then selecting this option allows users to read the source code for the Web pages in the folder. If the Write option is selected, this allows users to write changes to the source code contained in this folder. Directory Browsing. Allows the user to see a listing of the files in this folder.
Solutions, Projects, and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
Selecting the Write option can reveal sensitive information to users, such as names and passwords that may be embedded in your code.
Application Permissions None. Does not allow running any script or executable code. Scripts Allow. to run. Allows script code, such as VBScript on an ASP page,
Execute (Includes Scripts). Allows script and executable code, such as .exe files, to run.
Selecting the Execute and Write options could be disastrous. This would allow someone to save executable code to the server and then run the code.
For most Web development, the default settings are appropriate when creating a virtual directory.
Virtual Directory via Internet Information Services (IIS)
Another method of creating a virtual directory is via the Internet Information Services snap-in. This may be available via Internet Service Manager from the Start menu (under Administrative Tools). Internet Information Services is also available by right-clicking My Computer, selecting Manage, and then selecting Services and Applications. Under Internet Information Server, a virtual directory can be created by rightclicking the Default Web Site, selecting New, and then selecting Virtual Directory. This will launch the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard, as shown in Figure 2.3.
Visual Studio requires matching folder and alias names, so be sure to share the Customer folder with the alias name Customer.
If you couldn t open the computer icon to expose the default Web site, you may not have adequate permissions. You need to place yourself into the VS Developers group on your machine.