Introducing ASP.NET in .NET

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4. From the Users menu, add a new user. Notice that the password is optional. If the password is left blank, the user will not be prompted for a password. Add an account for each user who will be accessing Visual SourceSafe. Make sure that the user account matches the Windows Logon account.
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From this point onward, you should be logged on with your personal account. When additional permissions are required, they will be added.
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Introducing ASP.NET
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Review Questions
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1. Name some benefits of using ASP.NET over ASP. 2. What are some of the .NET languages that are available 3. You are planning on installing Visual Studio .NET, but you also need a Visual SourceSafe and SQL Server 2000. What edition(s) should you consider purchasing 4. Name some benefits to using a standard user account for development instead of using an account that has administrative permissions. 5. Name some benefits of using Visual SourceSafe, even in a single-developer environment. 6. What Windows group allows you to debug programs 7. What Windows group allows you to create Web projects
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Answers to Review Questions
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1. Some benefits of ASP.NET are: a. The ASP.NET code behind page brings structure into Web development. b. ASP.NET uses compiled code, thereby delivering better performance. 2. Some .NET languages: a. Visual Basic .NET b. C# (C Sharp) c. J# (J Sharp) d. Managed C++ e. COBOL (third party) f. Perl (third party) g. Eiffel (third party) h. Many more . . . 3. You should consider the purchase of either: a. Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Developer Edition b. Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect Edition 4. By using a standard user account: a. You will be able to identify potential security problems much earlier in the development process. b. Your exposure to would be hackers who may run code under your security context is minimized. 5. Visual SourceSafe allows you to: a. Track changes to your source documents. b. See who is currently working on documents. 6. Debugger Users. 7. VS Developers.
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Solutions, Projects, and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
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It is easy to launch Visual Studio .NET, create a project, and start coding. However a little planning should be considered to be sure you have the desired folder structure for the projects that will be created. This chapter starts by covering the creation of a folder structure, creation of projects within the folder structure, and storing these projects in Visual SourceSafe. The last part of this chapter covers the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), its customization, and methods of getting Visual Studio .NET Help.
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Planning and Creating the Visual Studio .NET Solution Structure
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When working on many projects, these projects may be created as part of building a large system. Here are a few definitions that you need to understand for this chapter: System. A collection of one or more projects and applications to create a fully functional operating piece of production software. For example, an accounting system comprises many projects.
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Project (or application). The source of the executable assembly that you will build using Visual Studio .NET. A project is also known as an application. Solution. A group or projects that are loaded into Visual Studio at the same time for the purpose of development, debugging, and building.
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Classroom Q & A
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Q: Is it possible to include the same project in many solutions A: Yes. For example, you have an order entry solution, and a sales solution. In both of these solutions it may be desirable to include a customer project. Q: I understand that Visual SourceSafe provides a locking mechanism for files when working in a multideveloper environment, but is there any benefit to using Visual SourceSafe when I am the only developer at my company A: Absolutely. The primary purpose of Visual SourceSafe is to track version history. Also, Visual SourceSafe isn t just for code; you can also place design documents and drawings under version control. Q: One of the problems that I have with Visual Studio is that it always wants to create Web projects in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ folder. I like to keep all of my projects in a folder on my D: drive. Is there a way around this problem A: There is, and that s one of the topics of this chapter. If you create your folder structure and then create Web shares (also known as virtual directories), the logical location of the projects will still be in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ folder, but the physical locations will be on your D: drive.
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