DirectoryInfo Class in .NET

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DirectoryInfo Class
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The DirectoryInfo class provides many of the same methods that the Directory class provides, except that DirectoryInfo requires an instance to be created. When the DirectoryInfo instance is created, the path must be specified in the constructor. After that, the object can be reused to perform subsequent operations on the same directory. This can translate to increased performance over the Directory class when the same directory is being manipulated many times. Table 10.5 lists some of the methods that are available in the DirectoryInfo class.
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Figure 10.16 The Directory class can be used to retrieve a list of logical drives on the current machine.
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Streams, File Access, and Serialization
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Table 10.5 DirectoryInfo Methods DESCRIPTION Creates a new directory under the current directory. No exception is thrown if the current directory already exists. Creates a new directory under the current directory; this directory can be several directories under the current directory and any required subdirectories will be created. Deletes the current directory and its contents. Gets the directories that are in the current directory and returns them as an array of DirectoryInfo objects. Gets the files that are in the current directory and returns them as an array of FileInfo objects. Gets the files and directories that are in the current directory and returns them as an array of FileSystemInfo objects. The FileSystemInfo class is the base class for both the FileInfo and DirectoryInfo classes. Moves the current directory to a new location. Refreshes the state of the directory.
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DIRECTORYINFO METHOD Create CreateSubdirectory
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Delete GetDirectories GetFiles GetFileSystemInfos
MoveTo Refresh
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The following example shows how the DirectoryInfo class can be used to create a new directory along with any required directories. In this situation, a folder called temp exists, but it is empty. The new directory is C:\temp\abc\ def\ghi\jkl\mno\pqr\stu\vwx\yz.
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Private Sub Button26_Click( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles Button26.Click Dim d As String d = C:\temp Dim di As New DirectoryInfo(d) di.CreateSubdirectory( abc\def\ghi\jkl\mno\pqr\stu\vwx\yz ) End Sub
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The created folder structure is shown in Figure 10.17. Notice that each directory was created as needed in order to create the final yz directory. Also, the new folder is listed relative to the current folder.
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Figure 10.17 All subdirectories were automatically created in order to create the final yz folder.
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Isolated Storage
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One problem that developers have been challenged with is the ability to store data on the local user s machine. Part of the problem is that there may be security permissions required that the current user does not have, as is the case when the program attempts to store data in the same folder in which a Windows application normally resides (under the Program Files folder). Another problem is that an unauthorized program may attempt to read this information. Isolated storage provides a method of storing information on a user s fixed disk without requiring any additional security and without exposing the information to other programs. The developer need only be concerned with the data that is to be stored, not the location of the data. The data store may include files and folders arranged hierarchically. This is up to the developer s discretion. The data store is assigned a scope, and if code is not included within the assigned scope, the code will not be able to access the data store. Scopes may be assigned based on application domain, assembly, or user. An administrator may also set a quota on the size of the data store. Each data store is physically isolated from other data stores. Therefore, an assembly that resides on the local drive will have a data store different from that of the same assembly loaded from the Internet. To use Isolated Storage be sure to import the System.IO.IsolatedStorage namespace. The following example creates a file within Isolated Storage and writes Hello World.
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