FileInfo Class in .NET

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FileInfo Class
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The FileInfo class provides many of the same methods as the File class, except that FileInfo requires an instance to be created. When the FileInfo instance is created, the name and path to the file must be specified in the constructor. After that, the object can be reused to perform subsequent operations on the same file. This can translate to increased performance over the File class when the same file is being manipulated many times. Table 10.3 lists the methods that are available in the FileInfo class. The following example shows how the FileInfo class can be used to copy files. A CopyTo method is used to copy a file. The CopyTo method returns a FileInfo object that points to the destination file. The returned FileInfo object is assigned to a variable, and the information is sent to the browser, as shown in Figure 10.13.
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Streams, File Access, and Serialization
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Table 10.3 FileInfo Methods DESCRIPTION Creates and returns a StreamWriter that can be used to append text to the file. Copies an existing file to a new file. This method has an overload that allows the passing of a Boolean overwrite indicator. If the overwrite is true, the destination file will be overwritten without error. If the overwrite is false, an exception will be thrown if an attempt is made to overwrite a file that already exists. Creates a new file and returns a FileStream object that can be used to access the file. Creates a file and returns a StreamWriter that can be used to access the file. Deletes the file. If the file does not exist, no exception will be thrown. Moves a file to the destination. Opens the file and returns a FileStream object that may be used to manipulate the file. Opens the file and returns a read-only FileStream object. Opens the file and returns a StreamReader object that can be used to write text. Opens the file and returns a write only FileStream. Refreshes the state of the file.
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Create CreateText Delete MoveTo Open OpenRead OpenText OpenWrite Refresh
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Figure 10.13 The returned FileInfo object has been assigned to a variable, and the information has been sent to a browser.
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Private Sub Button24_Click( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles Button24.Click Dim f As New FileInfo( C:\test.txt ) Dim d As FileInfo = f.CopyTo( C:\temp\test.txt , True) Response.Write( Name: & d.Name & <br> ) Response.Write( Extention: & d.Extension & <br> ) Response.Write( Full Name: & d.FullName & <br> ) Response.Write( Directory Name: & d.DirectoryName & <br> ) End Sub
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Notice that the CopyTo method has a Boolean parameter. This parameter is used to specify whether an existing file should be overwritten by the copy operation. If this option is false, or not specified, an attempt to copy over an existing file will throw an exception.
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File Uploading with the File Field Control
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The File Field upload control is used to allow users to upload documents to a directory on the Web server, without the need to use Visual Studio .NET. This is an HTML server control. To use the File Field control, drag a File Field to the Web page. The File Field is located in the HTML tab of the Toolbox. Right-click the control, and click Run As Server Control. Next, add a button that will post the file when clicked. Figure 10.14 shows the designer screen with the File Field control and the Upload button. In the HTML of the page, the form tag must be modified to specify that it will be posting a file. This is done by making the following change to the form tag:
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<form id= Form1 method= post enctype= multipart/form-data runat= server >
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The accept property of the File Field control can also be modified to allow only certain types of files to be uploaded. This is done by adding the following attribute to the File Field: Web Forms Crystal code128 implement in
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accept= image/*
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