Working with XML Data in .NET

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Working with XML Data
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Validating XML Documents
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Having the ability to define the structure of an XML document and then validate the XML document against its defined structure is an important element of being able to exchange documents between disparate systems. The .NET Framework offers the ability to perform validation against a document type definition (DTD) or schema. This section explores XML document validation using the XmlValidatingReader class.
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The XmlValidatingReader class performs forward-only validation of a stream of XML. The XmlValidatingReader constructor can be passed to an XmlReader, a string, or a stream. This class has a ValidationType property that can be set to Auto, DTD, None, Schema, or XDR. If the setting is set to None, this class becomes an XmlTextReader. In the next example, the file in Listing 9.1 is validated using the following code:
Private Sub Button16_Click( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles Button16.Click Dim vr As New XmlValidatingReader( _ New XmlTextReader( C:\xmltest.XML )) vr.ValidationType = ValidationType.DTD Dim xd As New XmlDocument() xd.Load(vr) Response.Write( Valid Document!<br> ) vr.Close() End Sub
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This code simply opens the XML file with an XmlTextReader, and the reader is used as the input to the XmlValidatingReader. Since this code has an embedded DTD, the document is validated. In the next test, the input file has been modified.
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< XML version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <!DOCTYPE myRoot [ <!ELEMENT myRoot ANY> <!ELEMENT myChild ANY> <!ELEMENT myGrandChild EMPTY> <!ATTLIST myChild ChildID ID #REQUIRED >
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]> <myRoot> <myChild ChildID= ref-1 > <myGrandChild/> <myGrandChild>Hi</myGrandChild> <myGrandChild/> </myChild> <myChild ChildID= ref-2 > <myGrandChild/> <myGrandChild/> <myGrandChild/> </myChild> <myChild ChildID= ref-3 > <myGrandChild/> <myGrandChild/> <myGrandChild/> </myChild> <myChild ChildID= ref-4 > <myGrandChild/> <myGrandChild/> <myGrandChild/> </myChild> </myRoot>
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The DTD states that the myGrandChild element must be empty, but one of the myGrandChild elements of myChild ref-1 has a myGrandChild element containing the word Hi. This causes an error, as shown in Figure 9.14. Attempts to read from the XmlValidatingRead should always occur within a Try/Catch block to catch possible validation exceptions.
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Figure 9.14 The error that is generated when an invalid document is validated using the XmlValidatingReader.
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Working with XML Data
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Lab 9.1: Working with XML Data
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You have a requirement to be able to save a customer s orders, along with the order details, to an XML file. The XML file must have only three levels of elements. The first level is the root element, which is called Customers, and has attributes for the CustomerID, CompanyName, and ContactName. The second level is the Orders element, which contains an Orders element for each order that the customer has. The third level contains Order_Details elements, which contain an element for each item in the order. The XML document essentially contains an element for each row of each table, and all column data must be presented as XML attributes. In this lab, you modify the DataGrid from the previous lab, to add a Save Orders button to the DataGrid; this button writes the current customer s orders to an XML file. Retrieving the Data In this section, you modify the Bindtable method to retrieve the customers, orders and order details for all customers, and store the results in a Session variable. DataRelations also is created to join these tables together, and the ColumnMapping must be set to be an attribute for every column in the DataSet. 1. Start this lab by opening the OrderEntrySolution from Lab 8.1. 2. Right-click the OrderEntrySolution in the Solution Explorer, and click Check Out. This checks out the complete solution. 3. Open the CustomerList.aspx.vb code-behind page. 4. In the Bindtable method, modify the code to check for the existence of a Session variable named Customers. If it exists, assign the Session variable to a DataSet. 5. If the Session variable does not exist, populate a new DataSet with Customers, Orders, and Order Details from the Northwind SQL database. Add relations between the Customers and Orders tables, and between the Orders and Order Details tables. 6. Add a loop, which enumerates all tables and all columns of the DataSet, setting the ColumnMapping to Attribute. 7. Store the DataSet in the Customers Session variable. Your code should look like the following:
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