Working with XML Data in .NET

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Working with XML Data
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Companies have always had a need to communicate with each other in an automated fashion. Communication between companies has been problematic, primarily due to the type of data that was being exchanged. Data has been exchanged using delimited files, fixed-width files, structured files, and everything in between. Each type of data had limitations. Delimited and fixedwidth files could not easily reflect a relational structure, and structured data files were typically custom implementations that were not reusable. A method of communicating data that could be used by everyone was required. This new communications method needed features such as the support for structured data, validation, and extensibility, and the capability to pass through firewalls. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was created in October 1994 to help further the Web s potential by developing common protocols to ensure interoperability. In February 1998, the W3C published The XML 1.0 Recommendation. Extensible Markup Language (XML) provides a foundation for text-based data communications that support validation, structured data, and extensibility, and the capability to pass through firewalls. The world has big plans for XML and its supporting technologies. Many companies have already embraced XML, and many companies are planning implementations of XML technologies in new applications. The W3C envisions the future Web as being completely based on XML technologies.
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This chapter looks at Microsoft s approach to XML in the .NET Framework. The chapter starts by examining the XML classes. After the classes have been examined, the chapter presents various ways of implementing these classes.
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Classroom Q & A
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Q: Is it possible to apply XML transformations with the .NET Framework A: It sure is. The XslTransform class can be used. Also, ASP.NET provides an XML Web control, which can perform transformations and produce output to the browser. Q: When working with our vendors, we need to verify that each vendor is providing XML files to us in the correct format. Ideally, we don t want to attempt to process a document if it is not valid. Is there a way to check an XML file to see if it has extra nodes or if it is missing mandatory nodes A: Yes. The XmlValidatingReader class can be used with the other classes. This class throws an exception if the file is not validated against a data type definition (DTD) or an XML Data Reduced (XDR) or an XML Schema (XSD) file. Q: Is there a way to use XPath queries on a DataSet A: Yes. The XmlDataDocument class was created to provide the ability to connect to a DataSet and allow XPath queries.
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XML in the .NET Framework
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The .NET Framework provides vast support for XML. The implementation of XML is focused on performance, reliability, and scalability. Many of the XML classes are stream based and require only small portions of the document to be in memory when it s being read. The integration of XML with ADO.NET offers the ability to use XML documents as a data source. DataSets offer many XML methods, such as the ability to read and write XML documents. When a DataSet is transferred from one location to another, it is sent in an XML format.
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The XML Document Object Model
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The W3C has provided standards that define the structure and provide a standard programming interface that can be used in a wide variety of environments
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Working with XML Data
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and applications for XML documents. This is called the Document Object Model (DOM). Classes that support the DOM are typically capable of random access navigation and modification of the XML document.
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XML Namespace
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The XML classes can be accessed by setting a reference to the System.XML.dll file, and adding the Imports System.XML directive to the code. The System.Data.dll file also extends the System.XML namespace. This is the location of the XmlDataDocument class. If this class is required, a reference must be set to the System.Data.dll file.
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