Data Access with ADO.NET in .NET

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Data Access with ADO.NET
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Dim cellNumber As Integer = _ Integer.Parse(dgEmployee.Attributes(colName)) The cell has a text box with data. Dim curText As TextBox curText = _ CType(e.Item.Cells(cellNumber).Controls(0), _ TextBox) Assign the data. dr(colName) = curText.Text End If End If Next finished! dr.EndEdit() dt.DefaultView.RowFilter = dgEmployee.EditItemIndex = -1 BindTable() End Sub
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This code starts by retrieving the DataTable from Session state. When items are retrieved from Session state, they are returned as objects and must be cast to the proper type using the CType function. The DataRow is then retrieved from the DataTable, based on the DataSetIndex that was automatically saved in the DataGrid. Then, the updating of the DataRow begins. A loop enumerates all of the DataGrid columns. Each column is checked to see if it is a BoundColumn. If the column is a BoundColumn, then the column is cast to a BoundColumn and placed into the colItem variable. Invisible columns and columns that have no DataField are ignored in the loop. The colName variable is assigned the name of the DataField. The colName retrieves the cellNumber from the dgEmployee attributes. The cell number was explicitly stored when the columns were created in the dgEmployee init method. Without this number, each cell would be accessed by a hard-coded cell number. Each of the edited cells contains a TextBox control, which is the first control in the cell. This TextBox is referenced with the curText variable, then the text is retrieved and stored in the DataRow s field. Finally, the editing is completed, the EditItemIndex is set to -1, and the DataGrid is bound.
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Adding a DataRow with the DataGrid
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Adding a DataRow to the DataGrid is probably the most difficult task to accomplish in terms of modifying data with a DataGrid. To add a DataRow to the DataGrid, the best approach is to add a new DataRow to the DataTable. A button needs to be added to the DataGrid to add a new DataRow. The button can be added anywhere on the Web page, but this button will be added to the header of the Edit button column. The following example shows the Add button code:
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Dim colEdit As New EditCommandColumn() colEdit.ButtonType = ButtonColumnType.PushButton colEdit.HeaderText = _ <input type= submit runat= server name= & _ dgEmployee:Add value= Add /> colEdit.EditText = Edit colEdit.CancelText = Cancel colEdit.UpdateText = Update colEdit.ItemStyle.Width = New Unit(colWidth, UnitType.Pixel) dgEmployee.Columns.Add(colEdit)
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Next, this new Add button will post back to the Web server; a method needs to be added to detect when this has been clicked. This is done by changing the Load method as follows:
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Private Sub Page_Load( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load If Not IsPostBack Then BindTable() ElseIf Request( dgEmployee:Add ) = Add Then AddEmployee() End If End Sub
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This code checks to see if the Add button was clicked. If so, a call is made to the AddEmployee method. The AddEmployee method checks to see if a new row already exists. If it does, this row will be used. If not, a new row is appended to the DataTable. Unfortunately, the primary key field is a string, and it is required. An arbitrary string is assigned to the primary key field. This would be much better in an environment with an autonumber primary key field, because the autonumber.field would automatically assign the next available number. The AddEmployee method follows:
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Private Sub AddEmployee() Const newId As String = *NEW ID* dgEmployee.EditItemIndex = 0 Get the DataTable from the Session. Dim dt As DataTable = CType(Session( Employee ), DataTable) Get the DataRow to be updated. Dim dr As DataRow = dt.Rows.Find(newId) If dr Is Nothing Then dr = dt.NewRow() Start editing this row. dr.BeginEdit() This is better with an autonumber key. dr( emp_id ) = newId dt.Rows.Add(dr) Else
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