Introducing ASP.NET in .NET

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Introducing ASP.NET
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You will need to make sure that this account has the right to log on locally to your development machine. If your policy setting includes the Users group, then you re all set. If you are on a domain controller, the Users group won t be in the list, so simply add your account to this list. Also, you should verify that your new account has the right to shutdown the system as well (see Figure 1.13).
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Visual SourceSafe Administration
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Before starting your first project, you will need to do a bit of administration to Visual SourceSafe. Assign a password to the default admin account and add accounts for each person who will be checking files in and out of Visual SourceSafe. Visual SourceSafe has an option to perform an automatic login with the user s Windows account (see Figure 1.14). This is a good setting to keep selected, but you will need to make sure that each person who is doing development work has a unique name on the network, as opposed to everyone using the administrator account.
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Figure 1.13 Adding rights to the user account.
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Figure 1.14 Setting the Visual SourceSafe automatic login option.
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When adding users, notice that the password is optional. If the password is left blank, the user will not be prompted for a password. Add an account for each user who will be accessing Visual SourceSafe. Be sure that the user account matches the Windows Logon account. If you are careful to add a unique account for each user who will be checking files into and out of Visual SourceSafe, you will be able to see who made the changes to file, and who has files checked out.
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Lab 1.1: ASP.NET Development Environment Setup
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In this lab, you will set up your development environment. This lab starts with the installation of the operating system, and includes the installation of the products (except Mobile Information Server, which we will install when we get to that chapter) that are necessary in order complete all of the labs in this book. You may want to read this lab in its entirety, and then go back and perform the exercises that are required for your system. This is the longest lab in the book, but careful environment planning and configuration will make your development experience more enjoyable. Install the Windows Operating System 1. Perform a default installation of the operating system, except format the drives using NTFS. 2. Install the latest Windows service pack.
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Introducing ASP.NET
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Install Internet Information Server If you have chosen to install Windows (2000 or XP) Professional, Internet Information Services is not installed by default. If you installed Windows Server, you will verify that Internet Information Server has been installed. 1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components, Internet Information Services, Details. 2. Select the following six components:
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Common Files Documentation Front Page Server Extensions IIS Snap-In SMTP Service (email) World Wide Web Service
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3. Click OK, Next to complete the installation. Install Other Software 1. Add any drivers that your system requires. 2. Install Visual Studio 6, if required, and apply the latest Visual Studio 6 service pack. 3. Install Microsoft Office, if required, and apply the latest Office service pack. Install SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition In this section, you will create a service account, perform the SQL Server installation, add a SQL login for yourself, and verify that the SQL Debugger is operational. Create the Service Account You will create an account for the SQL services. The creation of this account will be done differently, depending on whether you are in a domain environment or not. NONDOMAIN E NVIRONMENT 1. Right-click My Computer, and click Manage. 2. Expand Computer Management, System Tools, Local Users and Computers.
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