Figure 11.10 An example of multitasking in .NET

Add QR Code in .NET Figure 11.10 An example of multitasking
Figure 11.10 An example of multitasking
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PROCEDURE ErrorHandler ( msg : ARRAY OF CHAR ) ; B GN EI I n f o d r r o r ( msg ) ; GetAcknowledgement ; Deleteprocess ( CetHyProcId() ) ; END ErrorHandler;
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PROCEDURE LoadFlow ( VAR w : XORKSHEETPTE ) ; (* P O E S *) R CS BEGIN GetDataFromDataBase ;
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IF (error) THEN ErrorHandler ( 'Error.. ..Encountered' ) ; END; (* i f *)
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CalcLoadFlow ;
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END LoadFlow;
PROCEDURE Simulation ( VAR w : VOUSHEETPTR ) ; VAE procId : PROCESSID; BEGIN CASE SelectedSimulation OF loadflow : procId := StartProcess ( LoadFlow ) ; faults : END; (* case *) END Simulation;
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Figure 11.1 1 An example of exception handling
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the event. A procedure Execute command , issues the command to start the other two processes and then continuously loops until a concurrent process reports an event via corn . The procedure Yield transfers control to the process scheduler which determines which process to activate. Exception handling is also made relatively easy by creating processes. When an exception occurs in a created process, it can be detected and the process stopped. This allows the user to return to the main process and rectify the error, rather than abort the whole session. This is a very useful way to exit from a program after errors have occurred in deeply nested procedures. Instead of passing an error flag across all the procedure calls, the error can be identified in situ and the process can be terminated. In the example of exception handling, shown in Fig. 11.11, the load-flow algorithm is a process which is started by the simulation procedure.
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The Display Power package containing load flow, faults and single-phase harmonic analysis, is already used in undergraduate laboratory exercises. Depending on the particular interests of the researchers and also the time available further programs can be integrated, such as transient stability, three-phase harmonic penetration [SI, iterative harmonic analysis, etc. It is unlikely to be ever considered in a final form but the existing simple version may well remain in use for quite some time. Modula-2 was chosen as the language to develop the data base and graphic handling part of the package. This was not the only possibility and in the future the development of more powerful languages will make a decision more difficult unless a single universal language can be accepted. The data structure has been carefully designed to be object oriented. This allows the future addition of new power system components, different simulation algorithms or even new graphical symbols to be made without disruption to the existing package. The decision to keep FORTRAN as the language for the simulation algorithms made the production of the program quicker. In time these algorithms may be converted to Modula-2 or some other modern language when it can be demonstrated to be at least as efficient as Fortran. Display Power has been developed in a VAX workstation environment with the intention of producing a PC-AT version when the successor to DOS has been finally decided. It has already been downloaded, compiled and run in parts on a PC-AT but the 640K byte limit of DOS prevents a satisfactory overall program to be constructed. The program structure allows for multitasking, which although not yet supported on many workstations, will give the package a natural advantage when multiprocessor computers become more readily available.
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[l] R. C. Dugan, J. A. King and M. A. Barel, 1983. The personal scientific computing environment: A new approach to power industry computer applications, I E E E Trans. PAS-I023522-3528. [2] Daisy Systems Corp. Personal Logican-Systems Manual 1986Daisy Systems Corp., USA.
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320 [3] R. E. Hursch, 1982. Starting and maintaining a computer aided design system, I E E E Trans. CGA-2 15-22. [4] N. C. Pahalawaththa, C. P. Arnold, M. Shurety and N. R. Watson, 1990. Display powerAn advanced graphic interface for power system analysis IPENZ Conf., Wellington, New Zealand, February 1990. [SI A. Goldberg and D. Robson, 1984. Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation Addison-Wesley, USA. [6] B. Stroustrup, 1986. The C + + Reference Manual Addison-Wesley, USA. [7] D. F. Stubbs, 1985. Data Structures with Abstract Data Types and Pascal Brooks Cole Publ. Co., USA. [SI J. Arrillaga, D. Bradley and P. S. Bodger, 1985. Power System Harmonics Wiley and Sons, London.
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