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Our friends and family who force us to be more intelligent and creative than we necessarily would like to be. Thanks to Scott Guthrie, Jesse Liberty, Tim Heuer, and ALL (please don t be offended if I left your name out, my appreciation goes to everyone) the other folks at Microsoft who are so diligent about posting updates and examples and answering questions. To our editors who made the book readable, technically accurate, and kept us on track, you really rock. Thanks to Courtney Allen for keeping us on track and getting the project moving in the right direction. Thanks to Jama Carter for all your hard work and making sure that the end result was the highest standard. Thanks to Kim Heusel for interpreting the ramblings of our minds into legible English. And thanks to Ed Blankenship for making certain all the concepts in this book are technically accurate and that the code examples really work. Also, thanks to everyone else at Wiley who helped get this project out the door.
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ur sincere gratitude goes out to the following persons, without whom this book could not have happened:
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Who Should Read This Book
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Silverlight 2 is intended for two groups of people, designers and Web developers. In Web development there is an inherent need to separate content from presentation. Microsoft has really kept that in mind in designing the Silverlight platform. I ve also kept that in mind while writing this book, and it is intended for both designers and developers. The design and development sections are separated. The design sections of this book are written with the assumption that you are at least somewhat familiar with HTML Web page design. If you are designing Web pages, then this book will help you understand the advantages of incorporating Silverlight applications to provide a rich UI. If you are writing any kind of Web application or service, you should really consider the Silverlight platform for the Web client. Silverlight applications can easily plug into existing environments that deliver Web services over most technologies. The development sections of this book are written for developers that have some experience with . NET programming. The book will take you through the process of creating Silverlight applications using the .NET languages from that perspective.
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How This Book Is Organized
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I ve tried to organize the book to flow from one topic to the next. Part I gives you the background and helps you get your environment set up. Part II covers building the UI for Silverlight applications. Part III discusses developing the functionality for the UI. Part IV covers some additional development concepts that were not covered in Part III.
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Part I: Silverlight Basics
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Part I of the book focuses on introducing you to the Silverlight platform and helping you understand the architecture. If you are already familiar with the Silverlight 1.0 architecture, you should still read this part. There have been so many changes between 1.0 and 2 that it is really a completely new platform.
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Part I also covers how to get started developing Silverlight applications by setting up an appropriate development environment. I also discuss some of the tools that are available to designers and developers when developing Silverlight applications.
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Part II: Silverlight Design Fundamentals
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Part II of this book focuses on the design side of Silverlight applications. 3 gives a brief overview of the XAML that is used in Silverlight. I discuss the controls and how to implement layout, animations, transforms, and so on. 4 and 5 discuss some of the design tools that designers can use to build rich, stylish, and interactive UI components for Silverlight applications. Even if you are a developer, you should read this section. As a developer it will help you understand how the UI components are put together, and it will also help you understand how to interact with the XAML controls in your code.
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