FIGURE 4.49 Exporting vector art as XAML using Expression Design in .NET

Include QR in .NET FIGURE 4.49 Exporting vector art as XAML using Expression Design
FIGURE 4.49 Exporting vector art as XAML using Expression Design
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Part II
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Silverlight Design Fundamentals
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Adding exported XAML to a Silverlight application
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After the vector art is exported from Expression Design as XAML, it can be easily added to Silverlight applications. The exported XAML file contains all of the XAML code necessary to render the vector art in a Silverlight application. To add the Exported XAML to a Silverlight application in Expression Blend, open the file in any text editor. Cut and past the Canvas control code in the newly exported XAML file into the XAML pane of the Page.xaml file, as shown in Figure 4.50. You can remove the xmlns and xmlns:x properties from the Canvas object because they are already added in the root layout control of the Page.xaml file. The vector images appear in the Design pane and can be repositioned by positioning the Canvas object. To change the size of the vector images, use the Scale tab in the Transform pane.
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FIGURE 4.50 Importing vector art as XAML into Expression Blend
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Using Expression Blend to Design Silverlight Applications
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You do not need Expression Blend to add exported XAML to Silverlight applications. You can simply cut and past the XAML code into the Page.xaml file in Visual Studio or any text editor. You can also add the exported XAML to custom Silverlight controls.
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Expression Blend is by far the best utility to use when designing the UI elements and layout of Silverlight applications. Using Expression Blend provides a familiar graphical interface that allows you to use the mouse to create and modify the position of Silverlight controls. Expression Blend also provides the ability to quickly view and set almost all of the properties of each control in the Properties tab. In this chapter, you learned how to: n Use the Split view to see the XAML and rendered graphics at the same time n Arrange Silverlight controls using the Design view n Attach event handlers to Silverlight controls in Expression Blend n Use images as brushes for foreground and background fills n Create key frame animations of Silverlight objects n Export vector art as XAML code using Expression Design
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Encoding Audio, Video, and Images for Silverlight Applications
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roviding audio and video elements is a great way to add a robust customer experience to your Web site. We already discussed the MediaElement in 2 that gives you the ability to implement audio and video in Silverlight applications. Microsoft created Expression Encoder to help you create rich media files with metadata that enables you to implement a media-rich Silverlight application. Expression Encoder also provides you with the ability to determine the output size, quality, and other encoding settings that enable you to deliver the best media file for your needs. Using Expression Encoder, you can import a wide variety of video and audio files that can then be encoded into a format that Silverlight can consume with the proper settings and metadata for the Silverlight application. Image files are another important part of media-rich Internet applications. One of the biggest advancements in Internet media is the concept of multiscale images. The Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer product provides an easy-to-use interface to encode image files into multiscale images. The following sections take you through the process of using Expression Encoder and Deep Zoom Composer to deliver encoded media files that can be consumed by Silverlight applications.
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Importing media files into Expression Encoder Setting the size and quality of media output Adding timeline markers and script commands to media files Generating thumbnails Creating custom media player skins Implementing Expression Encoder output in Silverlight applications Encoding Multiscale Images Using Deep Zoom Composer
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Part II
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Silverlight Design Fundamentals
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Configuring Video in a Job
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The first step in building an encoded video project in Expression Encoder is to configure the video as it should appear in the Silverlight application. We are not going to spend much time in this section. Expression Encoder is very limited in its video edition capabilities. If your video needs a lot of modifications and editing, we strongly recommend editing it first in another application before importing it into Expression Encoder. The following sections give you a brief overview of the process of importing video into Expression Encoder and then using the timeline tools to remove unwanted segments.
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