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Typically the ListBox child elements are simple ListBoxItem controls or TextBlock controls. However, they can be almost any Silverlight control. For example, the following code shows you three different ways to add a child element. The first item is a simple ListBoxItem, the second is a TextBlock inside a ListBoxItem, and the third is a StackPanel containing an Image and TextBlock control inside the ListBoxItem:
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<ListBox Width= 200 Height= 120 > <ListBoxItem Height= 30 Content= Jeeping /> <ListBoxItem Height= 30 > <TextBlock Text= Hiking /> </ListBoxItem> <ListBoxItem> <StackPanel Orientation= Horizontal > <Image Height= 30 Width= 50 Source= i3.jpg /> <TextBlock Text= Desert Sunsets /> </StackPanel> </ListBoxItem> </ListBox>
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Figure 3.7 shows the rendered ListBox controls from the previous code.
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FIGURE 3.7 Rendered ListBox controls
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Creating a MediaElement
Another useful Silverlight control for adding a professional look to applications is the MediaElement control. Just as with the Image control, the MediaElement control allows you to add audio and video to your applications as a code-manageable control by simply referencing their URI in the Source property.
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Part II
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Silverlight Design Fundamentals
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The Height and Width properties allow you to set the size of the MediaElement control, and the Stretch property works the same as with Image controls. Much of the work with MediaElement controls is done programmatically. However, you can set the Volume and Balance audio settings in XAML. You can also set AutoPlay to True if you want the media to start playing after it is rendered. Another useful property that can be set in XAML is the AudioStreamIndex that allows you to set the time index in seconds to begin playing the media:
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<MediaElement Source= video.wmv AutoPlay= True AudioStreamIndex= 2 Volume= 10 Balance= -2 Height= 200 Width= 300 />
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Figure 3.8 shows the rendered XAML from the previous code playing a video file.
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FIGURE 3.8 Rendered MediaElement control
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Creating a RadioButton
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RadioButton controls are very similar to CheckBox controls and also inherit most of the Button controls properties and events. A RadioButton control allows you to create a radio
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button element that can be toggled on or off by clicking it with the mouse. The RadioButton control also defaults to unchecked; however, you can define it as being set initially in XAML using the IsChecked property. Another interesting property of the RadioButton control is the ClickMode. You can set the ClickMode property to set the radio button on mouse Hover, Press, or Release; for example:
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Using XAML to Build Declarative Silverlight Applications
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<RadioButton Content= Our Option Height= 50 Width= 100 ClickMode= Hover /> RadioButton controls also implement the Content property to display some kind of identification with the radio button. Just as with other Silverlight controls, you can nest the Content prop-
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erty and add additional controls as children. For example, the following code declares a
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RadioButton control with a nested Content property element that includes a TextBlock ele-
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ment allowing users to input their own option:
<RadioButton Height= 50 Width= 150 IsChecked= True > <RadioButton.Content> <TextBox Text= Your Option Height= 30 Width= 100 /> </RadioButton.Content> </RadioButton>
Figure 3.9 shows the rendered results of both RadioButton controls.
FIGURE 3.9 Rendered RadioButton controls
Creating a ScrollBar
A scroll bar can be created with the ScrollBar control. The ScrollBar control renders a typical scroll bar in the application that can be used to allow users to input values or control other XAML elements programmatically. The scroll bar can be set to be either vertical or horizontal by setting the Orientation property to Horizontal or Vertical. The maximum and minimum values of the scroll bar can be set using the Maximum and Minimum properties. The size of the slider can be set using the ViewportSize property. The current value of the scroll bar can be set using the Value property.
<ScrollBar Value= 25 Orientation= Horizontal Minimum= 1 Maximum= 100 ViewportSize= 50 Height= 30 Width= 300 Cursor= Hand > </ScrollBar>
Part II
Silverlight Design Fundamentals
It is a good idea to set the Cursor property of the ScrollBar control to Hand so that the mouse cursor changes into a hand when using the scroll bar to set the value. Figure 3.10 shows a rendered ScrollBar control.