Using the Silverlight Data Framework in .NET

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Using the Silverlight Data Framework
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Data is added to the DataGrid by setting the ItemsSource of the control to an object that implements the Innumerable interface, such as a List or other collection. For example, the following code sets the ItemsSource property of a DataGrid control named grid to a List of integers resulting in a DataGrid similar to the one in Figure 15.4:
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List<int> nums = new List<int>() { 100, 1234, 54321, 111 }; dGrid.ItemsSource = nums;
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FIGURE 15.4 A DataGrid displaying a list of numbers
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The DataGrid control also provides numerous event handlers in addition to the standard mouse, keyboard, and element handlers. For example, editing a cell in the data grid triggers the BeginCellEdit and CommitCellEdit events. This provides a means to interact with the DataGrid from managed code as users make changes in the data. For example, to attach a BeginCellEdit event handler to a DataGrid control, you can use the following code:
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dGrid.BeginningCellEdit += new EventHandler<DataGridCellEditingCancelEventArgs>( dGrid_BeginningCellEdit);
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The code in Listings 15.7 and 15.8 shows an example Silverlight application that implements a DataGrid control that displays a list of movies. The code in Listing 15.7 adds the my namespace to the UserControl and defines a DataGrid named dGrid. The code also sets the AutoGenerateColumns, RowBackground, AlternateRowBackground, GridlinesVisiblity, HeadersVisibility, Height, and Width properties of dGrid.
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Part IV
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
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XAML Code That Implements a DataGrid
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<UserControl x:Class= DataGridApp.Page xmlns:my= clrnamespace:System.Windows.Controls;assembly=System.Windows.Controls.Data xmlns= xmlns:x= Width= 400 Height= 200 > <Grid x:Name= LayoutRoot Background= White > <my:DataGrid x:Name= dGrid AutoGenerateColumns= True RowBackground= White AlternatingRowBackground= LightGray GridlinesVisibility= Horizontal HeadersVisibility= Column Height= 180 Width= 380 /> </Grid> </UserControl>
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The code in Listing 15.8 defines a simple class named Movie at the bottom. A List movieList is defined as a member of the Page class and the initData() function manually generates three Movie objects to populate movieList. After the movieList List is populated, the code inserts the ItemsSource property of the dGrid control to movieList. The results are shown in Figure 15.5.
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C# Code That Generates a List of Objects and Populates a DataGrid
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Windows; System.Windows.Controls;
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namespace DataGridApp {
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Using the Silverlight Data Framework
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public partial class Page : UserControl { List<Movie> movieList = new List<Movie>(); public Page() { InitializeComponent(); initData(); dGrid.ItemsSource = movieList; } private void initData() { movieList.Add(new Movie() { Title = Star Wars , Rating = PG , Year = 1977, Available = true }); movieList.Add(new Movie() { Title = Empire Strikes Back , Rating = PG , Year = 1980, Available = true }); movieList.Add(new Movie() { Title = Return of the Jedi , Rating = PG , Year = 1983, Available = false }); } } public class Movie { public string Title { get; set; } public int Year { get; set; } public string Rating { get; set; } public bool Available { get; set; } } }
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Part IV
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
FIGURE 15.5 A Silverlight application that displays a list of movies in a DataGrid control
Using LINQ in Silverlight to Query SQL Databases
Silverlight 2 introduced the ability to use LINQ queries to access SQL data. LINQ provides a language-based method of querying data. This allows you to write a query in C# or Visual Basic that can be used against any LINQ provider such as LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML, LINQ to TerraServer, and many others.
If you are considering accessing a lot of data from your Silverlight applications, we strongly recommend using LINQ queries.
LINQ queries are basically SQL-type queries that conform to the structure and syntax of the .NET language in which they are being implemented. For example, the following is a simple LINQ query in C#:
var movies = from m in db.Movies where m.Date == aDate select m;
The following is the same LINQ query in Visual Basic:
Dim query = From m In db.Movies _ Where m.Date = aDate _ Select m
Using the Silverlight Data Framework
The LINQ language itself is out of the scope of this book; however, we want to spend some time discussing how to implement it in your Silverlight applications. The following sections take you through the process of implementing the LINQ-to-SQL interface in a Silverlight application using a Web service in Visual Studio.