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Using the operating system s native open for readonly
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Silverlight applications cannot directly access files in the local file system for obvious security reasons. However, it is possible to prompt the user to access the file system using an OpenFileDialog object. By asking the user to open the file for you, you are involving the user in making the determination to access the file system. The SelectedFile property of the OpenFileDialog object can be used to access files that are selected by the user.
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The user must select the file to be opened and read. That means that the results may be unreliable. However, using the OpenFileDialog option is great for developing Silverlight applications that allow users to load their own local files.
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For example, the following code snippet from a Silverlight application creates and displays an OpenFileDialog object and then uses the user OpenRead() function on the selected results to create a System.IO.Stream object:
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OpenFileDialog fDialog = new OpenFileDialog(); if (fDialog.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { System.IO.Stream fileStream = fDialog.SelectedFile.OpenRead();
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To better illustrate using the OpenFileDialog object in Silverlight applications, consider the code in Listings 13.7 and 13.8. The code in these listings implements a simple Silverlight application that uses the OpenFileDialog to allow the user to select a text file and load it in the application.
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
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The code in Listing 13.7 simply creates a Button control named openBtn and a TextBox control named readText. The TextBox control is nested in a ScrollViewer control so that a large amount of text can be placed in the TextBox. The Button control is used in Listing 13.8 to launch an OpenFileDialog object.
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XAML Code That Displays a Button and TextBox Control Nested in a ScrollViewer
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<UserControl x:Class= slFileDialog.Page xmlns= xmlns:x= Width= 400 Height= 300 > <Grid x:Name= LayoutRoot Background= LightBlue > <Button x:Name= openBtn Content= Read File VerticalAlignment= Top HorizontalAlignment= Left Margin= 10,10,0,0 Height= 30 Width= 100 /> <ScrollViewer HorizontalScrollBarVisibility= Auto VerticalScrollBarVisibility= Auto VerticalAlignment= Top HorizontalAlignment= Left Margin= 30,60,0,0 Height= 220 Width= 350 > <ScrollViewer.Content> <TextBox x:Name= readText FontSize= 15 AcceptsReturn= True /> </ScrollViewer.Content> </ScrollViewer> </Grid> </UserControl>
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The code in Listing 13.8 defines an OpenFileDialog object named fDialog. The Click event handler for the openBtn control uses fDialog to display an OpenFileDialog box that allows the user to select text files. The text file filter is set up using the Filter and FilterIndex properties of the OpenFileDialog box, as shown in Listing 13.8. After the user selects a file in the OpenFileDialog object, the OpenRead() function of the SelectedFile property is used to create a System.IO.Stream object named fileStream. The code then reads the data in the fileStream Stream one line at a time and appends it to the readText TextBox control. The results are shown in Figure 13.3. When the user clicks Read File and selects a TXT file, the file is loaded into the TextBox of the Silverlight application.
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Using the Silverlight Presentation Framework
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C# Code That Launches an Open File Dialog Box to Access Files on the Client
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using using using using using System; System.Windows; System.Windows.Controls; System.Windows.Documents; System.Windows.Input;
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namespace slFileDialog { public partial class Page : UserControl { OpenFileDialog fDialog; public Page() { InitializeComponent(); openBtn.Click += new RoutedEventHandler(openBtn_Click); } void openBtn_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { fDialog = new OpenFileDialog(); fDialog.Filter = Text Files (*.txt)|*.txt | All Files (*.*) | *.* ; fDialog.FilterIndex = 1; if (fDialog.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { System.IO.Stream fileStream = fDialog.SelectedFile.OpenRead(); using (System.IO.StreamReader sReader = new System.IO.StreamReader(fileStream)) { string line; readText.Text = ; while ((line = sReader.ReadLine()) != null) { readText.Text += String.Format( {0}\r\n , line); } } fileStream.Close(); } } } }
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
FIGURE 13.3 Silverlight application that allows users to load text files from the local file system and displays them in the Silverlight application
Accessing the isolated local storage
Isolated local storage is a small section of local storage that is isolated to a specific application and user. The idea behind isolated local storage is that web applications can save small amounts of persistent data there for their own purposes. The storage cannot be accessed by other applications or users so it is fairly secure.