9: Vectors in Java

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9: Vectors
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For example, when you keep a class sealed, by omitting the dynamic keyword on the class de nition or by default (see 4, Object Oriented Programming, ) Flash Player knows you won t be adding random elds to the class at runtime. It is guaranteed a complete picture of the layout of a class s variables, and with this guarantee, it can optimize the layout of the class instances in memory. You lose the ability to muck with class de nitions at runtime, but you gain a big performance boost.
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The more you use dynamic types, the less performance you ll see overall. That s why examples always use static types.
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Array: More Functionality Than You Require
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In ActionScript 3.0, the Array class provides a lot of really cool possibilities. To review them, check out the end of 8, Arrays. But, you guessed it, there are a few of those amazing properties of Arrays that maybe we could do without properties that make an Array a pretty complicated object. Throw away some of these properties, and you can make a simple, fast, ef cient data type instead: a Vector.
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Oddly, in languages that have both an Array and a Vector, it is usually the Vector that has more functionality usually the ability to change its size at runtime. However, in ActionScript, Vector is more limited.
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The essential property of an Array that a Vector does away with is its ability to store mixed types. Nine times out of ten, you use Arrays as lists to accumulate objects of the same type, such as when iterating over DisplayObjects on the stage, accumulating XML nodes in a document, or creating a buffer of ints. In all these cases, you know exactly what type is going to go into the array, and you have no need to store other types. However, as long as it s an Array, Flash Player doesn t really know what type any of the elements are until it looks. Any time you assign an untyped object into a typed variable, Flash Player must either match the types or coerce the object into the desired type and every element of an Array is stored untyped. So any time you use an element from an Array in a typed context, Flash Player has to gure out these types a simple operation, but when repeated hundreds or thousands of times while processing large arrays, one that can have a cumulative effect.
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If you care to dig deeper, knowing the inner workings of the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) can help you better understand how code behaves, and it can even help you write more ef cient code. An excellent introduction to the guts of AVM2 is a presentation by Gary Grossman titled ActionScript 3.0 and AVM2: Performance Tuning. You can nd the slides at http://bit.ly/grossman-avm2-presentation .
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The other Array property you bene t from simplifying away is its sparseness the ability to add items at any index at any time, allowing gaps. In a Vector, you can only mess with indices up to the length of the Vector, preventing gaps from forming. So what does this simpli cation gain you If you know the size of an object in memory (which you do, since you know its type), and you know that you will sequentially store n of them without gaps, this makes nding and organizing the objects painfully simple: just line them up in memory! Need to retrieve the int at index i from a Vector of ints All Flash Player has to do is look ahead 4i bytes, because an int is 4 bytes wide and the Vector is packed tight with them. Again, this is exactly the same kind of old-school simplicity from
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