7: Numbers, Math, and Dates in Java

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7: Numbers, Math, and Dates
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Output of Example 7-2. Using trigonometry to implement a turret aiming system.
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y x tan = y/x = arctan (y/x)
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Generating Randomness
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Incorporating elements of randomness into your program is an excellent way to simulate lifelike, unpredictable behavior. This can be applied to animate graphics for living creatures or to create generative art, often producing real beauty from a chance arrangement. Subtly altering the appearance of your program with randomness is a common technique for evoking an organic, always-new feeling. You can apply randomness to any quanti able property, and in whatever degree you desire. Given the many applications of chaos, generating some in ActionScript 3.0 is trivial.
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This method generates a pseudorandom number between 0 and 1. It could potentially be 0, but it will never get as high as exactly 1 (0 n < 1). In other languages, you may be required to set the seed value for the random number generator, but in ActionScript 3.0 this is not available or necessary.
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Pseudorandom numbers are determined by a series of repeatable steps that a computer can execute. This means that they are not truly random. However, they have a random distribution and for almost every application are suf cient. For cryptographic applications you should consider writing your own random number routines and incorporating more chaotic variables into them, such as sampling mouse movement or background noise from a microphone.
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The Math.random() method generates unit-scale random numbers only. More than likely, you need the values to lie in a different range than 0 to 1. Remember that the Math.random() function does not take arguments; you should scale the numbers to the desired range yourself. A simple formula for producing a random number between two values is presented here:
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function randomInRange(min:Number, max:Number):Number { var scale:Number = max - min; return Math.random() * scale + min; }
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The fact that Math.random() returns a number between 0 and 1 makes it easy to manipulate. Here, you simply multiply it by the size of the range and shift it up by the minimum value.
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Part II: Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types
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Manipulating Dates and Times
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When you create applications that interface with the world at large, timing becomes a huge concern. As individuals, we want to mark off the years since we were born, be on time for ights, plan a party for a speci c time and day, know important events in our past and our history, and mark the passage of time. Time is a linear variable; we all experience it at the same rate forever. (Actually, we don t, but I ll save that for Physics Bible.) Therefore, we can represent time as a single dimension, measuring it with ever-increasing numbers. I could say, I let my tea brew for 180 seconds, and you would understand that measurement of time. So, too, could any computer or simple pocket calculator because a number is just a number. However, things get really complicated when you try to manipulate and communicate dates. Most of us use a complex and fairly hacked-up system to break up time into cycles that roughly sync up with earth s travel around the sun, its rotation, the location of the moon, the seasons, and all kinds of events. This mess of rules and exceptions is called the Gregorian calendar. Times during the day have problems, too, as everyone on the globe wants noon to be about when the sun is in the middle of the sky; we re left with the same instant being represented as different times across the world: time zones. All of these we have become somewhat adept at manipulating mentally. I could tell you what month it was 50 days ago, but without a lot of thought, I couldn t tell you what day of the week it was. For both humans and computers, calculating dates requires knowledge of how our systems of measurement work. ActionScript 3.0 knows all these rules and lets you manipulate times and dates in their common units, rather than simply as a raw number. There is one class in ActionScript 3.0 that represents a single moment in time, including both time and date information. This is the Date class.
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