Using Numbers in ActionScript in Java

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Using Numbers in ActionScript
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ActionScript 3.0 includes three base types for numbers, which re ect the three ways I covered to represent numbers digitally, allowing the programmer to choose the best number type for the task at hand. The number types include special values to keep your program from breaking in certain edge cases. Additionally, the language allows you to type numbers directly into code.
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The Number type is an IEEE 754 double-precision 64-bit oating-point number and, as such, it can represent positive and negative numbers, both whole and fractional. Numbers are applicable for almost any kind of measurement and are one of the principal workhorses of ActionScript 3.0. The default value for an unassigned variable of type Number is NaN, which is de ned in the section Edge Cases later in this chapter. Usually Numbers are assigned by setting them equal to a numeric literal, but the Number class also has a constructor, which attempts to convert the object passed in to a number and assigns it to the new Number. Typical usage of a Number is as follows:
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var n:Number; trace(n); // NaN n = 12; trace(n); // 12
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7: Numbers, Math, and Dates
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Assignment is the typical way to associate a value with a variable; it is rare to see a numeric type s constructor in use.
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Use Numbers for any kind of measurement, for values that might contain fractional parts, and for extremely large and small values.
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The int type is a signed 32-bit integer. Despite its lowercase name, it is, like all types, a class. Like Number, int has a constructor that is rarely used. You can create a new int by merely typing a number literal. If you try to assign an int variable a nonwhole number, the fractional part is dropped (rather than rounded). The default value for an unassigned int value is 0. Integer values in Flash Player take up less memory than oating-point numbers, so you can use integer number types for sections of code that need to be maximally optimized, and where fractional parts do not matter. The int type is perfect for counters and is frequently found in for loops:
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for (var i:int = 0; i < 1000; i++)
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Another new numeric type found in ActionScript 3.0, uint is an unsigned 32-bit integer. It, too, is a class and has a rarely used constructor. Like int, its default value is 0. In fact, uint is identical to int except in its range of values. The uint type is used for bit math because its value is always a simple binary translation of the value, without special encoding or rules like counting backward in two s complement. It provides unfettered access to all 32 bits of the value in memory. A good example of this is color values, illustrated in Figure 7-1, which pack information for transparency and amounts of red, green, and blue into a single 32-bit eld.
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A color value represented in a single uint
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0 x F F A 0 A 0 A 0 Alpha Red Green Blue
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The value in Figure 7-1 represents a solid gray. Because it uses all 32 bits, it can t be stored in a signed integer, which uses 1 bit for sign and leaves 31 bits for use. You ll see much more of uint in 13, Binary Data and ByteArrays.
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Part II: Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types
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You should not use the uint type for integer numbers or counters because it is unable to represent negative numbers. Even if you know the integer you want to represent won t go under zero, it s a good idea to leave it signed. Otherwise, it s easy to make some simple errors. Use uints for bit math and ints for all other integers. Furthermore, it s good to remember that integers behave badly when they overrun their limits, wrapping over into the opposite sign for signed integers and between zero and the maximum value for unsigned integers, whereas Numbers simply become less accurate as they increase radically. Don t use ints or uints for values that have even a remote chance of exceeding their limits, or be sure to check these values. In general, use Number for all numeric types, because it is the most exible.
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