Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics in Java

Integration ean13+5 in Java Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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Designing Interfaces
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When you extend a base class, you have the opportunity to override any of its methods and provide new behavior. You also can t help but inherit all the existing methods and variables that aren t declared private. Inheritance is useful for augmenting existing classes with new functionality, but it has its drawbacks. Being forced to start off with all the methods and properties of the superclass can be a drawback. If you want a family of classes to perform the same kind task in radically different ways, it can be sti ing to have to work around existing code. You can work around this by having a relatively empty base class that your family of classes extend. But then you are presented with another problem: this base class is a perfectly valid, although entirely ineffectual, class. So the empty base class could be instantiated and used in your program, achieving nothing where something was undoubtedly expected. You are also presented with the problem of multiple inheritance. Classes can only extend one other class. This enables you to create a class hierarchy in the shape of a tree and not an acid-induced spider web. Single inheritance makes sense when you re modeling your classes after whole, fully thought-out objects: An object can t be both a house and a hamburger, but an object can perform two different kinds of tasks. A tree belongs to both a class of objects that provides shelter and a class of objects that can yield food. It would be nice to be able to use the tree as a provider of food when you need food and use it as a provider of shelter when you need shelter. What you re working toward is a completely abstract item that classes can implement in different ways and that you can combine more than one of in one class. An interface ful lls these requirements. Interfaces are representations of a certain ability that don t say anything about how the ability will be carried out but describe the ability. Interfaces are not classes, and they can t be instantiated. They contain no code. Put another way, interfaces are contracts. When you choose to implement an interface, it s entirely up to you how to do it, but you must meet its speci cations and ful ll its contract. If inheritance is an is a relationship and composition is a has a relationship, implementing an interface is a can do relationship. This can be best explained in an example. This interface would be stored in a le called com/actionscriptbible/ch4/
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package com.actionscriptbible.ch4 { public interface IPowerable { function turnOn(volts:Number):void; function turnOff():void; function getPowerUse():Number; } }
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In ActionScript 3.0, type annotations additions to the name of an item to indicate its usage or type are not required, and they are not typically used. However, it remains customary to pre x interfaces with the letter I as in IPowerable.
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No access control attribute is required on methods de ned in an interface, because interfaces de ne the public interface to an object. The methods must by de nition be public. Interfaces may not specify properties, but they may specify explicit or implicit accessor functions.
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4: Object Oriented Programming
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The interface IPowerable creates a promise of some kind of behavior. It speci es how things that can be powered will work with the outside world. The interface speci es a contract that the compiler guarantees will be followed in classes that choose to be IPowerable. Classes that implement this interface can do much, much more than these three methods, but they are required to implement these three methods. Clearly, the set of objects that can draw power can have diverse behaviors. A lamp, for example, draws electricity and produces light:
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package com.actionscriptbible.ch4 { public class Lamp implements IPowerable { private var watts:Number; private var isOn:Boolean; public function Lamp(wattage:Number) { watts = wattage; isOn = false; } public function turnOn(volts:Number):void { isOn = true; trace("it gets brighter!"); } public function turnOff():void { isOn = false; trace("it gets darker."); } public function getPowerUse():Number { return (isOn) watts : 0; } } }
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The Lamp class ful lls the contract set out by the IPowerable interface by declaring the three methods in the interface with identical method signatures. The names of the parameters don t matter for a method s signature, but the types, order, and number of those parameters do. The implements keyword is used to make the class adhere to the interfaces that are speci ed. A class can both extend another class and implement an interface at once, but the extends section must come before the implements section. You can create objects that implement the interface in different ways. The toaster, for example, doesn t actually start drawing current until you put in a piece of toast and start toasting. However, as far as IPowerable is concerned, as long as it can do turnOn(), turnOff(), and getPowerUse(), the object is an IPowerable.
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package com.actionscriptbible.ch4 { public class Toaster implements IPowerable { private var isOn:Boolean; private var isToasting:Boolean;
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